Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,vibhuti locks the door from outside and says tat bhabhiji now u will see the show and then he goes to tiwaris house and tiwari is sitting in his garden having drinks and listening to music and vibhuti comes and says where u tiwari i was searching u from morning in the city and tiwari says y were u searching me he is drunk and says tat i will go and bring anguri but vibhuti says tat they r having gup shup y u want to disturb them let them have their time and then tiwari says then i will go and sleep and vibhuti says tat y u want to sleep lets talk and tiwari says tat i m working man not jobless like u and then anguri and anita are seen having cold drinks and anguri sees the gift and says i loved the locket and then they hear a horse coming and anita says tat it must

be tisri adalat and they both go to see but the door is locked and outside vibhuti and tiwari sees tisri adalat and vibhuti says to him he is manmohan tiwari and tiwari u r in so hurry to tell my name and tisri adalat says tat i want to meet vibhuti and calls him and vibhuti goes to see wats the matter and tisri adalat starts hitting him and anita inside hears vibhutis voice yelling and she says tisri adalat is hitting vibhuti and tiwari enjoys seeing vibhuti getting hit and tisri adalat leaves while vibhuti fells on road yelling in pain
Next day doctor is giving injection to vibhuti and tiwari ,anguri , hapu singh and anita are there and vibhuti yells in pain when he gets the injection and doctor says tat the swelling has increased much and then says y does the tisri adalat hit u again and everyone look at anita and then she clarifies tat no this time i have not done anything and tiwari then says may be vibhuti has done eve teasing with a lady and vibhuti gets angry and says stop talking nonsense tiwari and even anguri supports him and says i know vibhuti is not like this and vibhuti says thanks to anguri for supporting and comes in vibhutis mother and anguri and anita touches her feet and takes blessing and she sits near vibhuti and asks how is he and says tat she has brought dr fruits fr him so tat his injuries can heal and then she sees them and says they have increased my son and then tiwari tells her tat tisri adalat hit him last night again and vibhutis mother shouts at anita tat y r u doing this to my son and anita explains tat she has not done anything this time and then vibhutis mother shout at hapu singh and asks wat was he doing and he says tat i was on duty and then she says i will right ur name and put in tat drop box and hapu singh says tat wat r u saying wat wil my 9 childrens and my pregnant wife do witout me and then she asks him to keep quiet and then anita says but tisri adalat is so nice he saves women he is a real hero i wish i could take a selfie with him and everyone are again looking at her in surprise and she says ya i know he has hit vibhu and its wrong but he has saved many other so he is me hero
Anita is coming in pelas auto and she is talking to her friend tat she is a big fan of tisri adalat and she really wants to meet him once ya he hit vibhuti twice tat he did not do right and asks pela to stop and then anguri comes and anita hungs up and anguri asks anita how is she and anita says i m fine and and then she asks about vibhuti and anita says tat he is at home resting and then anguri says tat tisri adalat ddnt do this good he is not nice and anita says no he is a good person he is fighting for the ladies and then anguri says wat r u saying even he has hit ur husband and anita says ya i know he has but we should preach him like a god he is doing good work but wat if he hit vibhu he is doing 10 good work by mistake he hit one innocent man is not such a big crime and i really like to meet him and hug him he is a super hero and tiwrai heras this standing in terrace and then anguri says tat iw ill pray tat u will get a chance to meet him and anita says pls do pray and then she pays pela and goes home while tiwari gets a trick and he says its a nice chance to get a ug from bhabhiji
Phone rings and vibhuti picks it up and its tiwari on the other side talking as tisri adalata and vibhuti gets angry and asks y did u hit me and he says tat u r a uselss person and then vibhuti gets more angry and says tat u come in front of u i will hit u and anita asks whose it y r u shouting and then he tells tat its tisri adalat and anita takes phone from him and asks vibhuti to go in and she tells tat she is the biggest fan of him and tiwari replies tat ok i will meet u today late night at 11.30 but don’t tell anyone and then he hungs up and anita gets very excited about it and while tiwari leaves the phone booth saxena is seen standing reading news paper and he has heard all tiwaris conversation and then he says i like it and then he calls hapu singh and informs tat u want to catch tisri adalat tonight u can catch him and then hungs up
At night anita is dressed up and waiting for tisri adalat to come and thinks he must be late because he must be punishing someone and then tiwari dresses like tisri adalat and comes standing pelas auto cycle and anita sees him and gets excited and tiwari talks like tisri adalat and says i m here u were so eager to meet me and anita says tat yes i m ur big fan and asks y u came on auto cycle and not horse and tiwari as tisri adalat answers tat the horse was ill so i have to come on this and then Anita says to tisri adalat that she considers him as her brother and tisri adalat says no u cant be my sister but u can consider me as ur lover and anita says wat and he says u can consider me as ur friend and then anita says ok and then she asks him well i remembered tat once u hit my husband because i complained but y did u hit him 2nd time and tisri adalat answers tat he does not likes tat person and anita looks a little surprised and then she asks tisri adalat tat she wants a favour she wants to take a selfie with him and tisri adalat says sure u can but i heard tat u wanted to hug me so i m ready come and anita looks at him in doubtful expression

Vibhuti comes out asking wats all this noise about and he sees tat police has arrested tisri adalat and says wait i have to hit him and then he and hapu singh starts hitting him

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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