Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,manmohan asks anguri to go make some tea for anita and anita says tat she does not drink tea and then manmohan asks anguri to go and make some tea for him as she goes he gets up and says to anita tat he is feeling perfectly fine and then decides to take position as if the light goes anita will hug him and makes her stand near him and when light goes off anita starts shouting and its all dark and when light comes back manmohan is hugging vibhuti and anita is hugging anguri manmohan is closed his eyes and thinking tat its anita then vibhuti asks manmohan to open his eyes and then anguri says tat anita got scared and hugged her and vibhuti says tat he did not get the spray and then they leave whileagain light goes off and vibhuti picks up anita and then they leave and

anguri says tat y wont u pick me up like this and manmohan then says never and he goes upstairs and as light goes off he falls down.
Anguri calls amaji and tells tat manmohan has got hurt as he was going to catch the thieves in our colony and amaji says tat he is scared of a lizard and how will he chase the thieves and manmohan comes in and amaji then says to anguri to give phone to manmohan she will ask him wat has exactly happened and anguri hungs up seeing manmohan inn manmohan then asks anguri tat she must have told ama everything tat happened last night anguri says yes and he also says tat ama must have said tat he is scared of a lizard and what will he catch the thieves and u must be believeing her and not me and anguri is moving her head in a yes and a no too and then manmohan says tat when he is not scared of thieves then y will be he scared of a lizard and then a lizard falls from top on the bed and manmohan sees it and gets so scared that he faints.
manmohan goes to panditjis house and asks him about the load shedding and pandit says tat he has solved problem and now the lights in our colony will never go off as the head of electrician board is his in law of first wife and then manmohan says tat he wants the light off and panditji says no it wont happen and then tiwari says tat does he know about ur 2nd and 3rd wife and pandit says no and then he understands and says tat yes the load shedding at night will be on and manmohan leaves he then gets ready applies deodorant and dreams of hugging anita and comes in anguri and asks y is he getting so ready where is he going and manmohan says tat today he is going for an important work and says tat if happens properly he will take her to dinner and anguri gets so happy tat she sasy tat she will pray to god for it and will give lunch to 21 pandits and manmohan says tat u need not do so much even if the work did not happen properly he will take her to dinner and anguri says to him tat u r a very nice person and goes in
manmohan goes to a phone booth calls at vibhutis house and talks him in another voice and tells him tat there are three people who want to buy a policy and vibhuti says tat he will come and manmohan says tat u have to come right now and vibhuti agrees and they hung up while a man outside booth was troubling him so he comes out and slaps him the man leaves quietly
manmohan then stands near his gate waiting for vibhuti to leave and vibhuti comes out and asks manmohan tat wat is he doing here and manmohan says tat he is jogging and vibhuti says tat go and jog in ur home and vibhuti then leaves and manmohan then waits for the lights to go off and when lights go off he goes to anitas house but bumps in to saxena and it changes his directions and he goes and bangs pathaks door and calls bhabhiji and pathaks wife come out and manmohan hugs her thinking tat she is anita and then pathaks wife calls out for help and patahak comes out and hits manmohan very hard and then his wife asks him to leave and he then let manmohan goes
anguri is seein applying medicine to manmohan and anita and vibhuti also are sitting in manmohans house anita asks him who hit u so hardly and manmohan lies tat this time he got in to fight with thieves and vibhuti asks how is it tat always u get in to such fights and manmohan says tat he was coming and he saw thieves so he fought and then light goes off and anita screams and manmohan is heard saying its ok bhabhiji don’t woryy I m there but when light comes anita is in anguris laps and manmohan is consoling the rickshaw man and vibhuti is sitting on another sofa looking at them and anita then asks who is this man and vibhuti says tat he is the richsaw man and anita then asks him how did u come in without permission and scolds .
vibhuti and saxena and all other people from colony go to panditjis house and shout at him and asks him tat y the load shedding is still on and now the lights go off at night and not in the morning wat is all this and pandit then sees manmohan and manmohan indicates him to be quiet but pandit tells everyone tat the load shedding is due to manmohan and everyone looks at manmohan.

Vibhuti says to anita tat the loadshedding is because of one person on our colony while manmohan is seeing hiding behind a wall and anita gets so angry tat she will hit the manm because of whom this load shedding is on and then anita and manmohan are seen together she asks manmohan tat y r u looking at watch and he says tat he is waiting for a perfect timing and light goes off and anita screams vibhuti is just outside near gate and hears her scream and goes in.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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