Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tika n malka come singing,Tiwari stops them n says I need help, anguri has injured her leg help me lift her n take In, Tika malka say alright n lift anguri n take in. At night Vibhuti on call with prem,Anita enters n says I’m going to take shower,Anita calls Vibhuti no ays I left my towel out plz get me,Vibhuti gets towel n knocks door,Anita pulls him in,Vibhuti comes out all wet,aniat walks out too n look at him in anger,Vibhutis ays what is this are u a kid,Anita says when years before I use to do it u use to enjoy it,Vibhuti says grow up, I don’t like cold water,ur excitement really n leaves.

Next day,Vibhuti at tea stall sneezing n says Anita has lost her mind,Tiwari joins him n asks why are u sneezing so much,did u shower with cold water,Vibhuti says yes Anita

did so,would u like it,Tiwari says God if bhabhiji would do it to me,I mean ur bhabhiji,Vibhuti says ur lucky she doesn’t do so,Tiwari says see u know it’s boring to see same thing all day all years,Vibhuti says what rubbish are u talking,happu Singh joins them,Vibhuti asks why u look so upset,happu says these wives I tell u, they are a curse,always upset over something or other,prem joins them to n says when wife is upset try gulfamkali, her new Bengali look I tell u, do visit once u will love her n leaves. Tiwari n Vibhuti see each other.

Anguri at Anita’s house crying,anguri says Tiwari hurt me,he broke my heart,Anita asks what happened, anguri says I acted as if I fell so that Tiwari lifts me but he asked Tika malka to do so,Anita says what,anguri says n they lifted me like a patient or an animal,Anita says even Vibhuti hurt me but we will not cry, I will call editor of magazine for help n calls her, editor is busy drinking n smoking,Anita says me n my friend are troubled with our husbands attitude,editor says these men I tell u, do one thing always be with ur husbands come what may n then u will find the true reason behind ur problems.

Tiwari checking accounts, anguri sitting near him n smiling,Tiwari gets irritated n says go get me water,anguri kept it handy n says here it is,Tiwari says ok get me tea, anguri says here u go,Tiwari says why are u behind me let me work,anguri says what am I doing to u, Tiwari says go get me food,anguri says but we had dinner,tiwari says I’m hungry,anguri says I have it here too, I’m not gonna leave u even for a minute,Tiwari says stop irritating me,anguri keeps follow g him where ever he walks, Tiwari says I’m going washroom, anguri sings sing for him : Tuesday jaha meta saya vaha.

Vibhuti washing utensils,aniat sits on kitchen counter,Vibhutis ays go inside bedroom n rest,Anita says no I’m fine he I want to see u,Vibhuti says I’m cleaning there’s nothing interesting in it,Anita says u look so handsome I tell u,Vibhuti says plz leave me alone what rubbish are u talking,Anita says u know when I was 18 I named my our servant Ramu Tom cruise, n today u look as handsome as him, I love u, once call me baby,Vibhuti says why are u behaving like this,Anita says what did u do,why are u getting irritated, do I prick u,Vibhuti says baby I can’t work when U are in front of me,Anita says then leave all this lets,Vibhuti ignores her n starts working again.

Anguri following Tiwari,Tiwari trying to run away from her but anguri doesn’t give him a chance,Tiwari rushes to bathroom, anguri follows him there too,Tiwari gets upset n comes out,anguri says I’m ur wife why are u behaving like this,it’s my love n u are insulting me,Tiwari says that doesn’t mean u stick to me 24 hrs,give me a break,anguri says looks like unjust like gulfamkali, u have an affair with her n so u avoiding me,Tiwari says shutup, anguri says see u scolding em, I’m not talking to u, I’m going to Anita’s house,Tiwari says go go.

Vibhuti says Anita for god sake stop irritating me,Anita says why are u so upset,Vibhuti says u stuck to me like a gum now go plz get me water, Anita says go get on ur own,Vibhuti says see u say u lobe me but can’t get me a water,Anita says go plz,Vibhuti says ok n goes, Anita follow him,Vibhuti says Anita u are really irritating me stop this nonsense,Anita says get lost,Vibhuti says ok n leaves.

Precap : Vibhuti says Tiwari we need to show them we are happy without them.
Anita n anguri go with two win on bike n prise them for their physic.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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