Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Anita and Vibhus visa application rejected.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anita says I did the right thing,I’m tired of all the taunts,I don’t want to live on someone else’s expense,I will Evan my own money,mark says Didi I like it,uncle asks who is he,mark says I’m American,uncle says my England is better than your America,we have London,mark says we have New York,Anita says shut up up.

Anita packing and says what will I do with so many sarees let me give them to someone,Vibhu walks in with a wig and acts like a foreigner,Anita says you look like a cartoon,what are you trying to proof,Vibhu says I can give you flee here why go America,Anita says we are t going to have fun but earn,Vibhu says we can earn here to,Anita says if this was is we would be crorepati,Vibhu says I’m not going,Anita says we are.

Vibhu leaves

and says firstly this Anu isn’t listening then this mark is behind bhabhiji and she is giving him all importance too and now since I’m down let me see bhabhiji,Tiwari sees Vibhu climb to his window and thinks he is mark and hits him,Vibhu says are you mad,Tiwari says what are you doing and in this get up,Vibhu says to see bhabhiji and you,and this get up to impress Anita but nothing g worked we need to work hard.happu all Banded comes to them listening to sad song,Tiwari asks what’s wrong,Happu says the love of my life is going away.

Tiwari looking at Anita’s pic in his mobile,and says bhabhiji how will I live without you,you are my sunshine,it will be darkness in my life and is in tears,Anguri walks to him and asks what’s wrong why are you in tears,Tiwari says some dust went,Anguri says come let me help you,Anita and mark walk in,Anita says I’m here to invite you two for a farewell party as we are shouting America,Tiwari starts crying,Anita asks what’s wrong,Tiwari says I’m missing my bhabhiji who shifted America,Anguri asks which bhabhiji,Tiwari says one which went before we got married,mark says then go see her,Tiwari says I wish I could,Anita says ok you two please come to the party,Tiwari says I cant,mark says I’m good don’t come but beautiful lady do come I will be waiting,Anita says okay bye.

At Mishra house all gathered for party,tikka says all don’t have fate like Mishras,Tilu says if we had relatives in America even we would shift there,Happu says shut up,Tilu says if you cant bare us leave,doctor asks what’s wrong now a days you are too cranky,Prem says forget all that have drink,Happu says my hands are plastered how will I have drink,Anita mark and Anguri walk down and Anita asks all having fun,and thank you, you all came down here,and this evening is our last in model colony and when we all shall meet,Happu says do come every month,Anguri says are you mad it’s not nearby,Anita asks where is Vibhu ,mark says may be he is seeing his girlfriend,Anita says no he has no girlfriend,Anguri says even Tiwari isn’t here.

Tiwari and Vibhu walk in drunk,and says why are we here this is foreigners party and we are Indians, mark says but you can drink English,Vibhu says no we had desi,I do gave some many things to world,we have progressed a lot,mark says no you people gave zero,Vibhu starts singing and Tiwari dances.the song is based on India and its glory and all join Vibhu,Vibhu feels giddy and he falls down,Anita rushes to him,and says doctor please check him,doctor checks Vibhu and says he is in coma,Anita says what,mark says don’t worry I’m here,we will take him to America and treat him,Anita says good idea,Vibhu wakes up and says no I will not go to America,mark gets a call to inform Anita and Vibhus visa is Rejected,Vibhu and others celebrate,Anita says even I didn’t want to go actually,America is very good but I won’t get the love I get here,Happu says that’s like my bhabhiji.

Tiwari says yes bhabhiji there’s love in India,I love you,Anita says what Tiwari says you Vibhuti,Amaji says Anguri Pandit ramphal message enough if serving foreigner and I love you means slap a foreigner it will be good,Anguri slaps mark and says sorry.

A girl asks Pelu to drop her,and he gives her notes and teases her,and says every night in my dreams I see you and feel you,Tiwari asks what’s wrong why are you shouting,she says look he is teasing,Tiwari says forget him,go straight and take a left and you will find a cab,she says thank you uncle and leaves.

Precap : Amaji says in Diwali pandit ramphal has asked to serve a beggar and then give him 501₹, Anguri and Amaji leave and laddoo lights a cracker below Tiwaris chair.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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