Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita telling vibhu that wrap everything up. Anita says you cant use this bedsheet and its our. She tells vibhu close this now. Vibhu says not at all and you used to taunt me and now I am working and you are shouting me? Anita says because I feel ashamed of u doing this work. Vibhu says I wont remove this.
At night Tiwari is in room and says today I am in a very romantic mood and I will do a lot of romance with anguri. Suddenly Tiwari hears the noise of a bat and gets up and knocks the bathroom and says what are you doing anguri? Anguri comes out with clothes and says I am washing clothes and it will take more 2 hours. Tiwari says no don’t do this and I will handle my business. Anguri says I will help you in getting off the loan. Tiwari says no, anguri goes

in the bathroom and starts washing again. Tiwari says which monster made me tell this that my business is bad. The phone rings and its tiwaris mom, Tiwari by mistake tells anguri is washing clothes. Mom says what and you are making her work? Tiwari says no, she is not listening and I told her not to wash but she is not listening. Mom says okay give her, Tiwari says network is bad and keeps the phone. Anguri comes out and says who was it? tiwari says it was mom. Anguri says I wanted to talk, Tiwari thinks if mom knows anguri is washing clothes because of me then she will kill me.
At night anita tells vibhu who is taking clothes down to iron them. She tells him to become the laundry guy and come to me romantically asking for dhoti. Vibhu says no I have work, anita says please, vibhu says no, anita then looks at him angrily. Vibhu says okay. Anita gets call on phone and its some mr.gupta. she says okay we will meet tomorrow. Vibhu comes being the laundry guy, anita says what is this and are we kids and shut up and listen. Anita tells him that mr.gupta my financier is coming tomorrow and he wants me to open more franchises. So close your laundry shop. Vibhu says not at all and I wont and he goes. Anita says this is so embarrassing.
Next day anguri is washing clothes. Tiwari goes and says make breakfast for me, anguri says I made those salty chips eat them. Tiwari says what and it wont fill my stomach and make something good now go. Anguri says I cant as I am busy and I am saving money so did not make anything. Tiwari thinks why did I say my business was bad? He says go please, anguri smiles, Tiwari says please darling. Anguri says okay and gets up, vibhu from there says no anguri and sit down and we have a lot of work to do. Anguri says okay and sits down, Tiwari is angry and shouts at vibhu. Tika and malkhan come with their dirty clothes and give anguri. Tiwari says what is this and my wife will wash your undergarments? Tika says she has opened laundry business that is why we brought it. Tiwari scolds them and tells them get lost now. There happu singh comes and tells vibhu what is this? Vibhu says what and a laundry shop what else. Happu says its illegal. Vibhu says what and who the hell told you its illegal. Anita comes and says I did. Vibhu says what okay and I understand. Anita tells happu that he has opened his shop here in my lawn where is stroll and do exercises. Tiwari goes and sees and says yes. Happu says remove it now otherwise I will put you in jail. The commissioner comes. He says vibhu will not go from here, anita says why and happu says why and its illegal. Commissioner says no its not and he is working all day long for money and he can sort out issues with his wife and outside he is a worker and he also irons and wash my clothes, so he will not go and I will remove you from here happu if u do anything to his and his business. Vibhu smiles and looks at anita.
At night vibhu and anguri are washing and ironing when vibhu looks at anguri and suddenly a song is played from dil dhadakne do and he and anguri are dancing and singing, it’s a dream. Vibhu starts working again.
Tiwari takes anita to the tea stall, he says here we get the best tea and anita says okay I will drink. Tiwari tells the man to make a slim trim tea for anita, they drink. Anita says wow its great. Tiwari smiles and says yes I told u. anita says what do I do about vibhu, Tiwari says even I don’t know because if mom knows anguri is washing clothes then my mom will kill me. Saxena comes and takes anitas blessings and says wow you are here. Saxena is having bangles, anita says they are very nice. Saxena says yes and they are high quality. Saxena tells Tiwari that see how much I love you and wear these bangles and I bought it for you. Tiwari is shocked and angry and anita and Tiwari look at each other.

Precap: anita is dancing on song manva laage and Tiwari is too. Mom comes and sees anguri working, she calls Tiwari and scolds him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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