Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th November 2017 written Episode Update: Anita is the new police officer in town

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Commissioner tells Happu Singh that should we work or buy vegetables for our wives and Happu Singh says that every husband does this. Commissioner asks what do you do and he tells sweeping cleaning floor cooking. Commissioner says that you are of no work as police officer and Happu Singh listener not to this says that it’s not this way if sometime you are in a difficult situation I will save you, you can try me someday. A man helps commsioner at gun point and says that he will kill him as he arrested his brother, Happu Singh sees this and runs away. The man starts the countdown to shoot Anita sees this and helps commissioner she hits the gunman. Commissioner is happy to see Anita saved him Vibhuti comes running asking Anita is she fine she should not get in to such fights as it’s

dangerous, while commissioner says that he is happy to see a women coming to help him and its her bravery which should be appreciated and I salute her.

Tiwari is in tension as his business isn’t growing. Anguri comes in and asks Tiwari wat is the tension Tiwari tells that he is worried for his business as there is no growth. Anguri then tells that Amaji is coming in while as she has some solution on your problem. Listening to this Tiwari gets upset while Amaji comes in. Amaji then tells Anguri and tiwari that Pandit ramphal has told an solution that if you want to grow your business Anguri has to dance in front dacoits. Tiwari gets angry listening to this and says y you listen to that Pandit he is fake. Amaji shuts him and asks Anguri to do it. Vibhuti comes to meet Anguri and sees that Amaji is there and hears the solution told by her and has a plan in his mind.

A program is arranged for promotions and Commissioner is talking to Politician badan Singh the guest while Happu Singh gets call from his wife he tells her that she should be ready with welcome arrangements as he will get promotion today. Vibhuti comes and says to Happu Singh you should not get promotion what have you done other than taking bribe nothing. Happu sing shuts Vibhuti saying that wat will he know promotion is as he is jobless. Anguri says hi to Vibhuti and asks this why is the function for and Happu Singh tells that he is getting promotion today so be seated.
Commissioner announces that on this function today he wants to announce that he demotes Happu Singh and will take away his stars as he has not doing his duty properly. Commissioner than announces that there is new officer for our town and he introduces Anita as the new police office everyone clap and congratulate.

Anguri is talking to his brother Putan asking him that is there any dacoit that he knows there is some work that she has to do with them. Putan replies that all the dacoits are either in jail or in Chambal jungle and then Anguri asks him to call if he has anyone available. Vibhuti is standing outside the window he acts showing Anguri that he is talking to his friend dacoit Anjan Singh says hi to him take care and hungs up and seeing Anguri he says hi to her. Anguri then asks him to whom was he talking Vibhuti tells that he was talking to his dacoit friend he came into network so he just called to say hi. Anguri then tells him that she needs help as Amaji has a solution for Tiwaris bad luck in business and for that Amaji asked to dance in front of dacoits. Vibhuti says that she should not worry he will bring dacoit anjansingh she can come tonight at Jhakad katti Chowk at 12 am.

Tikka and malkhan are sitting at the tea stall. Tikka says to malkhan that can he pls treat him with tea and snacks he is hungry and has no money. Malkhna then asks the tea stall man to give 2 tea. he gives tea glasses but empty and indicates that without money he won’t give tea. Tilu is seen counting money and tikka and malkhna see shim with money seeing this Tilu heels the money in his pocket and says that they should stop seeing his money this way and then tikka says to Tilu that he should give him a loan of 1000 rs Tilu then say sthta he won’t rather he advices them that they should now work and earn money rather taking loan. Tika and malkhan are alive that Tilu is saying the truth and they decide to earn by working and not take loan.

Anita is in the police station looking at case files and Happu Singh is the constable. Anita gets angry at Happu Singh saying that from morning she is looking the files and there are 15 of them and he has not even solved one case. She then looks at one file and says that this is the easiest of case any small child could solve this and then gets angry and ask shim to solve the cases in 1 month. Happu Singh calls her aunty Anita then warns him that she is madam for him now and he then addresses her as madam and says that it is impossible to solve in one month Anita gets angry at him and says that uptill Now he has only taken bribe and done nothing. Tiwari comes with box of sweets and says to Anita that this Happu Singh has only taken bribe.

Precap: Anita is serious with her job. Tiwari tells that this Happu Singh is useless and has taken only bribe and has told stories about his wife and kids and tries to sit on chair. Anita kicks the chair in anger and Tiwari is shocked to see her behaviour.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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