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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari telling vibhu that anita has a hole in her heart. Happu singh tiwari and vibhu start crying. Vibhu asks happu why are you crying? Happu says just in concern. Vibhu goes. Happu and tiwari take tea.
At home tiwari and vibhu go. Tiwari pacifies vibhu and they go at tiwaris house. There laddoo is studying and his teacher is there. Vibbu and tiwari cry and are talking. Teacher says you are disturbing me and he gets up and whips tiwari and vibhu with a stick and goes. Vibhu is thinking that anita is having a hole in her heart. Laddo tells anguri that vibhu is thinking this. Anguri shreiks and says what ? And vibhu says yes that anita has a hole in her heart. Tiwari cries. Then anguri tells that we have to support her. Tiwari says yes.
In the afternoon anita

goes at anguris house. She meets anguri. Anguri says come slowly and sit here. Anita says thank you. Anguri says how are you? Anita says i am fine and why? Anguri says i felt very sad after hearing that you have a hole in ypur heart. Anita says what? And thats not true. Anguri says that tiwari heard you that day telling someone on the phone that you have a hole in your heart. Anita says that it is not true and she was saying a poetry she had written. Anguri says oh wow that is good and you are safe so i will go and tell tiwari and vibhu. Anita says no wait and we will play a game with temm and test them.
There vibhu and tiwari come home. Anita and anguri are there. Anita tells as you know now that i have a hole in the heart i have spoken to a surgeon and he has given me a solution. Vibhu and tiwari say that they will do anything and what did the surgeon say? Anita tells he told that he can fit a pacemaker but it usually suits males so she will die with that so he gave a solution that it can be replaced with a males heart with a pacemaker and i can get that heart of the male. Anita tells that who from the both of you will now give me a heart? Tiwari and vibhu look at each other. Anita and anguri look at each other and giggle. Vibhu and tiwari go to take time to think.
At tea stall, vibhu tells tiwari to give his heart and he will take care of whatever anguri needs. Happu sibgh tika and malkhan agree. Tiwari tells she is your wife and you give your heart and i will pay for the operation. Everyone say this is right and they agree.
At home anita tells anguri that see i told you they just lie and they are not so daring to give me their heart. Tika and malkhan come and tell that take our heart as we have no one and we can live with a pacemaker. Anita feels good. Tiwari comes and tells no need and i am here and take my heart anita. Vibhu comes and tells she is my wife and she doesnt need anyone else’s heart and she will have only and only my heart. Anita is happy after seeing the results. Happu singh also comes and tells if anita gets your heart vibhu then she will also be like a jobless and i will give her my heart. Anguri says if she takes your heart happu singh then she will start taking bribe. Vibhu says yes and she will have only my heart. Pelu comes and tells that she will have my heart. Anita says wait and let me say now. She tells that she is happy that all the people in my town love me but i am not suffering from any hole in the heart. Everyone is happy and anita says she just wanted to test vibhu and tiwari. Vibhu tells anita i love you.

Precap: anguris dad come to take her. He tells her that her 1st husband has come and is asking where his wife is? Tiwari and vibhu are puzzled.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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