Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update zombie attack

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

anu says c’mon vibhu, Tiwari thinks oh yes she thinks im vibhuti,angoori says laddu ke bhaiya my zombie,vibhu says god she takes me as tiwrai,angoori and anu start dancing,vibhu and Tiwari try to escape, Anu takes of Tiwari’s mask and scared to see tiwari.

khuarana still in police station,tikka tilu malkhan come there asking for help,they ask why are these two in jail,gupta says turn around you will know why,tikka says plesse let us in,happu lets them in,but Khurana gets inside,all of them lock Khurana in jail, many more zombies enter police station,all jump out of police station throufh window except malkhan who gets bitten and turns zombie.

happu tikka tilu gupta,enter mishra and Tiwari house through window, happu and Gupta in mishra house, shocked to see Tiwari,

Tiwari answers its a prank, Gupta tells about zombies and also malkhan is a zombie now and about Khurana.

tikka tilu tell about zombies to angoori.anu says arrest that Khurana, happu says he is also a zombie.angoori says Tiwari take off that mask and shocked to see Vibhu,he says sorry.all in balcony and shocked to see zombies.

happu says all zombies have walked away,gupta says go downstairs and check where did they go, happu says no ways it’s dangerous,prem comes on bike,vibhu says why have you come here to die, Prem says im not scared of zombies,im bored so thought of going on round, zombies behind prem,vibhu says prem good bye my friend,prem says what nonsense is this, happu says turn around,prem sees zombies and gets scared,all surround him and bite him.prem turns zombie.

tikka starts crying seeing malkhan,tilu consoles.anu says i saw prem turn zombie god i wish this doesn’t happen to vibhu,happu says dont worry bhabhiji you stay with me, Gupta says you arent safe but look at you,anu calls vibhu and says baby I’m scared please come here if I’m dying i would atleast die with you,angoori sends same message to tiwari.

Gulfamkali calls happu,happu says are you missing me shall i come,gulfamkali says im scared commissioner has turned zombie im in danger, happu keeps the call.gulfamkali says useless and calls tikka,she tells tye problem,tikka says network problem,tilu takes phone and hears the problem and says dont worry i will be there.

tilu gets down through window and says gulfamkali is my friend she was there when no one was and today she needs me i won’t back off, Tilu gets scared seeing happu, happu says its me and not zombie,tilu says sorry still let me check around that there isnt any zombie

happu says i checked first then i came down,tilu asks where are you going, happu says tilu called me for help,tilu says she gave me a call as well,but i didn’t expect you would help.

pre cap: tiwari and Vibhu fall amidst zombies.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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