Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu in front of anguris kitchen. Anguri says she is sad but its okay as tiwari is my husband and i should take care of him. Vibhu says but he is old and look at the young people around you. Vibhu shows anguri his birth certificate which says he is 22yr old only. Anguri says what and thats good and starts crying that you are young and tiqari is old. Anguri goes in crying.
Vibhu takes his phone and calls anguris dad and tells him that tiwati has cheated them. Dad says what? Vibhu says yes and that man is 60yrs old. Dad says what and says i will not leave that old man and he cheated me and my daughter.
At night tiwari and anguri have been invited for dinner at anitas house. Vibhu opens door. They come in and everyone sit. Anita welcomes them. She tells lets

start dinner and i am privileged to have dinner with an old matured man. Tiwari says thanks. Anita tells vibhu to give the dinner to everyone. Vibhu gives everyone and then tells tiwari he has different food and he gives tiwari raw bitter gourd to eat and says this is good for your health and eat this only as its good for heart. Tiwari is forced to eat that and is given pumpkin juice later. After dinner they all sit in the hall, and anita tells now tiwari will present some poetry. Tiwari starts ranting about some moon and says everything senseless and without sense of humour. Anita acts as understood and appreciates him. They go home after dinner.
Next day at anitas house tiwari and anguri come to meet. As they are speaking mom dad and vibhu come. Dad says where is that tiwari? He comes and scold tiwari and tells why did you lie to us and you cheated us and you are even older than 2yrs from me. Mom says that he is just lying and i am only 55 and how can he be 60? Tiwari says dont lie mom and you are 90. Mom says what and you are lying. Anita tells mom its okay and dont scold such a mture man. Vibhu tells dad that he is stressed and lets go up and drink, as dad had been flirting with tiwaris mom he tells her also to come up. They go. Tiwari goes home. At home he thinks that he will get scolded by everyone but he will stay old for anita and no one can take her love away from me.
Next day tiwari is in frontyard and as anita comes he starts singing an old song. Anita comes and she says how are you? Tiwari says very good. Anita tells that yesterday everyone scolded him but he did not say a word and that is so mature. Tiwari says yes. Anita then tells that she has se feelings for him which she wants to express. Tiwari thinks anita is going to express her love for him. Anita says she wanted to say that she sees her father in him. Tiwari irks and screams and anita say what happened? Tiwari says nothing. Tiwari says to himself that i will go in and i dont want to be her father. He goes in.
In afternoon tiwari comes back to his normal age and removes all white colour on his hair. He says that he doesnt want to be her father and being an old man too i didnt get her love. He says he will tell anguri somehow and tell anita that he was just joking so many days. Tiwari calls anguri. Anguri comes dressed as an old women with a stick and spectacles and white hair. Tiwari says what is this? Anguri says that as she is young people look at her with bad thinking so she turned old for him as he is old too.

Precap: saxena comes at home and tells anita to wear a dupatta on her head and he wants to take a selfie with her as his mother. Anita says okay. They take selfie. Vibhu comes and slaps saxena and they all promote a new show named ‘life ka recharge’.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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