Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anguri says vibhutiji look clouds,it’s so exciting I wish I could jump out and play,vibhu says I wish I could fly with you,Anguri asks what,vibhu says we would fly on clouds,Anguri says we already are flying,Anita says tiwariji you are so coward, look out its so beautiful,Tiwari says no I’m scared.

Saxena leaves for washroom,he hears happu Singh shout and says let others go as well come out, happu singh walks out and says I’m having upset stomach,saxena says who asked you to eat so much,happu Singh says shut up and leaves,boss says may I please go in first,saxena allows him,boss runs out and says it’s smelly inside I couldn’t hold myself,saxena says I like it I can bare it,boss says please help me my friends brown pouch fell in bathroom please get it for

me,saxena says sure I will and gets inside.

Tikka says I’m thirsty let me get some water,Tilu says we need to go nowhere I will press the button and lady will come to help us,divya walks to them,and asks how may I hope you,tikka says some water please,divya says sure and goes to get it. Vibhuti and Tiwari imagine dancing and romancing with Anguri and Anita respectively,Anita hits Tiwari with a stone,and Tiwari wakes up and realises it was a dream.

Toni asks boss what are you doing here,boss says gun,go sit on you seat I will come,saxena gives boss bag and boss leaves,saxena going in again but happu stops him and runs inside saxena says this smell I like it,attendant goes to captain and gives him juice and asks where’s co pilot,he says his wife locked him in toilet,she asks can I sit here then,pilot says no this isn’t a place to sit and whispers in her ears, she blushes and leaves,pilot says she is so shy and laughs.

Boss says here’s the gun Toni,the time has come,boss opens the pouch but the plane experiences a jerk and the pouch falls down and slips down Anita’s seat,boss says go get the pouch quickly,attendant says fasten the seat belt the whether conditions aren’t good, Anita about to rest her head on tiwaris shoulder,he gets excited but Anita wakes up,captain running behind Divya,tikka and Tilu fall asleep,malkhan calls Divya,she asks how may I help you,malkhan says I just wanted to see you,she slaps him and says keep quite and sit or else I will push you out of the plane,Tilu says Happy now.

Happu keeps coming out and going in,happu finally walks inside the plane,he is Smelling bad.vibhu says he is on flight not in jungle,boss says to happu look down you haven’t worn anything,happu rushes to bathroom,Tiwari says I didn’t notice he wasnt wearing pants,boss and Toni go to Anita to get pouch beneath her seat,boss says madam my pouch fell under your seat can you help me please ,Anita asks Tiwari to get it,Tiwari says it’s heavy what is in it,boss says let me show you,boss removes gun and All get scared,saxena says I like it,Divya and attendant get scared too,boss ask them to go behind and sit,boss says this is gun and so ladies and gentle men your plane has been hi jacked ,Anguri says oh no, Tiwari starts crying,Anita holds his ear and says enough are you a kid that you are crying shut up.

Anita asks what is the reason,boss says government isn’t reliseing my men and so,vibhu says hi jack government officials plane and not ours,boss says hero shutup or else I will fill your mouth with bullets,Anita says shut up vibhu when you know he is already angry,boss says I will not leave you,you insulted me,vibhu says I’m sorry,captain walks in and asks what is it,Anguri asks what is driver doing here how is place working then,vibhu says auto pilot,Anguri asks what is that,vibhu says I will explain later it’s a long flight you see.

Boss says pilot your plane is hi jacked ,and now divert the plane to Afghanistan, pilot says sure,would you like some like tea coffee sandwich,boss says for now do as I say ,Anita asks why Afghanistan,boss says I like the mountains there,pilot contacts Afghanistan airport for landing permission,happu Singh walks out of toilet,Toni says hide the gun if he learns that Plane is hi jacked he may poop here,that’s not good,happu Singh says why is everyone shouting boss says nothing we are just playing do continue with your work.

Happu says wait first you tikka what sweets did you give me I got acute upset stomach,Tilu says he has given you 3 months old sweets,tikka says you snatched it I didn’t give. Happu says couldn’t you stop me and shouts but unable to hold pressure runs to bathroom,Vibhuti says look he has pooped inside the plane,Anita says gentlemen call the person you want to deal with and finish with the hi jack please, see we need to attend wedding our uncle is waiting for us.

Boss says good,Toni call that commissioner who had caught our men,he will give news to government ,attendant what’s the wifi password of this plane,she says bhabhiji ghar par hain,Saxena says I like it.

Boss says commissioner I’m boss the terrorist,he says stupid man I have told you I won’t let your mates go and soon will catch you too,boss says don’t cut the call because if you do,you will be responsible for the death of passengers on fly safe flight,I have hi Jacked it,Tiwari starts crying,Anita pulls his ear.

Pre cap : Anguri and Anita dancing in the plane and entertaining toni and boss,Anita gets the gun,all start hitting boss but in this mess the bullet gets shoot and hits the pilot.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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