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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari falling on tilu. Tilu breaks his bones, anguri comes and says what happened to you and are you fine? Tiwari says yes I am fine and I got saved as I fell on this tilu. Anguri says okay and good that you did not get hurt. Tiwari says yes. Tiwari goes with tilu. Anguri sits and says I will call mom and tell her about this. She calls mom and tells her that tiwari was just saved. Mom says this all happened because of what you did and today for the last time do tease him more. Anguri says yes.
At tea stall pelu gives tika a video of vibhu dancing and tika sits and watches it and is laughing. He watches vibhu dancing and happu singh comes and says what type of videos are you watching in public? tika says don’t say like that and watch it and you will also start

laughing. Happu watches the video of vibhu dancing and starts laughing and says this is the best one. Tiwari comes and says what are you people laughing at and show me, tika shows it to tiwari, tiwari falls down laughing and takes the video from tika. He says this is nice and I will have some work to do with this video. Tiwari goes laughing.
At home anita comes and says vibhu srry for what she did last night and she shouldn’t have. Vibhu says please stop this and I became a hen last night and you don’t know tha and couldn’t sleep, vibhu says he will go and freshen up. Vibhu goes. Tiwari comes laughing home and tells anita today he is enjoying the internet. Anita says why what happened and tiwari says that he has a video which he will show her thought it is sad for her as their respect will go. Anita says show, tiwari shows the video and anita is ashamed as vibhu is doing mujra dance in it, tiwari says its gone viral on the internet and I got it in one of the chat groups. Anita says what and give it to me, tiwari gives her the video and goes. Vibhu comes down and anita says don’t take my name from your dirty mouth, vibhu says what did I do? Anita says look at this video, vibhu is scared and tells her its not what I did and I was made to do it, anita says what? Vibhu says yes and anguri made me do that on knife point. Anita says she cant do that and she is sanskari, vibhu says no and she has done it, anguri comes and gives them Prasad and says she just came from temple. Anguri goes. Anita says look at her sanskars and she tells vibhu to get lost. Vibhu says what did I do and she is not what you think, anita throws him out of the house again.
Out of the house vibhu calls saxena to give him a one night stay at his house, but saxena denies and says he is out of town and has gone for shock treatment, vibhu asks tika and so does he deny and says he cant take disrespected people in his house. Vibhu slaps him and he goes. Tiwari comes and says why did u slap him and you did what you did. Vibhu says its because of anguri and she eve teased him since 2 days and she has done this. Tiwari says don’t blame my wife. Vibhu says I don’t want to but she did it. Vibhu takes his moms swear and tells she has done it and if u want to then see today at night after 8pm.
At home at night tiwari is scared and says how can anguri do this and this shall notbe the truth. Anguri comes in room, tiwari sleeps. Anguri says oday he slept early and he has slept and so my time starts too. Anguri goes down. Tiwari gets up and says where di she go. Anguri goes and whistles to vibhu sleeping outside his house and vibhu gets up scared. Anguri says him lollipop and says dance on this song and wear this saree. Tiwari watches everything from his balcony and says what is she doing and anguri has become spoilt and I am destroyed. Vibhu is scared and is taken on knife point by anguri.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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