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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,hapu singh says to vibhuti tat actually I should arrest u for giving me wrong information and he drinks tea and leaves and keeps the cup and asks to wash and give it to tiwari and anita tries to tell hapu singh tat she has heard anguri bhabhi yelling but hapu singh doesnot listens and leaves
Next day morning the vegetable seller comes to sell vegetables and comes anguri and she asks for bhindi and the seller says tat today it is very costly and she asks how much he tells its 100rs a kg and then anguri says it is too costly and comes vibhuti and says y u don’t buy something else and anguri says give me bhindi only coz tiwari wants to eat bharva bhindi and vibhuti says to anguri how can a lady be so innocent tiwari behaves so badly with u and even then u care

for him so much and anguri then says tat he does not trouble me in fact he loves me and vibhuti gets shocked and says bhabhiji tell the truth and she says yes tiwari loves me a lot and then she goes in to bring money and comes malkhan and tika and they listen their conversation and they both say tat tiwari and anguri bhabhis couple is very nice one and vibhuti gets angry and hits malkhan and tika and anguri comes gives money and see them lying on floor and sees at vibhuti and goes in and vibhuti says sorry boys and leaves
Anita is angry on tiwari and he comes and asks anita y r u so disturbed and anita says u husbands wat do u think about ur wives u treat them so badly and tiwari thinks may be she has fought with vibhuti and he then asks anita tat he wants a leather belt and anita asks y do u want it and tiwari s ays just like tat and anita tries asking him more clearly about y he wants the belt and he says I have to go and leaves and after sometime comes vibhuti and anita tells him tat tiwari was asking for leather belt and vibhuti says but y must he need he wears an elastic pant and vibhuti thinks tat he must be planning to hit her and he decides to inform happu singh
Tiwari goes home with a rope and a leather belt and tells anguri tat today is the climax scene of our act I will tie u to a chair and hit u with this leather belt and anguri says tat u will hit me and tiwari says tat its just acting darling and they laugh
Happu singh is talking on phone tat who ran away and the girl is eligible to get married so don’t trouble me and hungs up and vibhuti comes and says to hapu singh tat everything is not ok and hapu singh asks how is fair lady and vibhuti says she is fine but anguri bhabhi needs help and happu singh says tat wat is ur problem y u always put your nose in others matter and vibhuti says its not like tat I m really telling u tat tiwari is going to hit anguri bhabhi and hapu singh says I listened to u and went at 3am in night and there was nothing wrong and then vibhuti tells tat tiwari came at home and was asking for a leather belt from anita and then happu singh says tat may be he wants to wear it and vibhuti says he wears an elastic pant and just some time before I saw him buying a rope and leather belt and happu singh says have u finished telling ur stories now leave and vibhuti gets angry and troubles hapu singh and hapu singh threatens him to arrest and vibhuti runs away and he then thoughts of calling amaji

hapu singh,vibhuti,anita and amaji are outside tiwaris house hearing screams of anguri and then hapu singh says we have to break the door and enter now I will call 3 or 4 guys and amaji says y call others when u have buldoser here like me and she breaks the door and all enter the house and amaji starts hitting tiwari with the belt and anita rescues anguri and asks her to calm down

Anguri asks amaji y r u hitting him and vibhuti says tat he has tied u and he is hitting u and still u r asking y r we hitting him ur so much innocent and hapu singh says tat amaji if its over I will also hit him and then anguri sasy tat y r u hitting him this is all just acting and everyone says wat and she shows them the script and says tat this is the act ‘jalim pati’ and amaji asks y were u doing it all and anguri tells everyone tat tiwari wanted to become an actor and so we were doing all this and then vibhuti says sorry and leave and then happu singh also says tat I will leave too and says sorry to tiwari and then amaji also says to tiwari get up hope u r fine and not much hurt and tiwari says yes I m fine and then amaji says to anguri tat I m upstairs and bring food for me and angui says yes and she goesin kitchen and says to tiwari tat I will bring turmeric milk for u and anita then says to tiwari tat I msorry it was a misunderstanding and I m really sorry and then she says tat u r really a very fine actor and listening to this tiwari first laughs in joy and then cries too and anita looks at his expressions in weird.

Anita is asking vibhuti to please pick these chappals and don’t talk about clothes now do as I say and vibhuti says enough is enough I m not always going to follow u and he leaves later tiwari comes to meet anita she looks a bit upset and tiwari says tat there must be some fights between husband and wife but he shouldnot have talked like this about u and then anita asks wat he said and tiwari says tat he was talking about divorce and anita gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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