Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with prem calling vibhu and is crying on the phone. Vibhu says why are you crying and what happened? Prem says you don’t know what happened and my wife today tied me to a tree and she beat me because she saw me playing cards. Vibhu silently laughs and says yes he got beaten, then he says don’t worry prem we all husbands have to suffer from our wives. Prem says help me and tell my wife. Vibhu says are you mad? And my wife herself beats me and how do I tell your wife not to beat you? vibhu says see listen and all wives are witches and they just torture us, anita listens this from behind. Vibhu says yes they are witches and we cant do anything. Anita comes in front, vibhu sees and says prem I will talk to you later. Anita says I am a witch and I beat you? vibhu says

no I was just explaining prem and talking him through it. anita says give me your pant from behind the door, vibhu brings pant and says why do you want it? anita says now I will show you what a witch is, anita removes the belt and at home anita beats vibhu.
There vibhu comes out of the house, and anita is beating him in front of tika, saxena and Tiwari. Tika says save vibhu someone anita is beating him. Tiwari laughs and says shut up and watch. Anita throws vibhu and locks the door, vibhu is crying and knocks door and says open please. Tiwari says see he just got beaten by anita. tika and saxena laugh, saxena says I like it. vibhu listens and stand sin lawn quietly. Tiwari says hey wife beaten, you got beaten by your wife and that’s sad. Vibhu is sad and angry and says even you will get beaten one day see. Tiwari says never that’s impossible and anguri wont do that ever. Tiwari says wife beaten and goes. Tika teases wife beaten and goes too, saxena says wife beaten and goes. Vibhu starts crying.
Next day at home anguri is there in hall when a baba comes and its vibhu who is disguised as a baba. He comes and sits and anguri welcomes him and says sit baba. Vibhu says girl, how are you? anguri says I am fine and what should I do for you? vibhu says nothing I have come here to see this house as I felt something was wrong inside. Anguri says what happened baba? Vibhu says I your husband must be very characterless. Anguri says what are you saying? Vibhu says I felt it. vibhu says anyway I will tell about you, anguri says yes tell me. Vibhu looks at anguris face and says you have rosy cheeks and rose petal like lips and your eyes are like angels. Anguri says what you said? Vibhu says I said that your sindoor is about to be rubbed. Anguri says what? And no that should not happen and nothing should happen to tiara otherwise I will die with him. Vibhu says no wait you can save him if you beat him 25 times with a shoe in the street. Anguri says what? Vibhu says yes otherwise you will be in a white saree. Anguri says no I will do it. vibhu says bring something to eat, anguri says yes baba and goes in kitchen. Vibhu laughs and says now Tiwari I will see who Is wife beaten.
At tea stall, happu is there and Tiwari comes laughing and says wife beaten man. Happu says what happened you look happy? Tiwari says nothing thinking about vibhu, Tiwari says anyway how are your wife and kids? Happu says they are very happy and enjoying, Tiwari says obviously you earn by bribing then they get money so they will be happy. Happu says shut up and what is your problem? Tiwari says I was just joking and laughs. Saxena and tika come. Saxena says even happu is wife beaten man. Happu singh slaps saxena and says shut up. Saxena says I like it. vibhu comes and sits, tika says hey wife beaten and then hides his face and laughs. Tiwari tells happu see the wife beaten came. Hppu says who? Vibhu? Tiwari says yes. Happu laughs and says why? Tiwari says just yesterday anita has beaten vibhu a lot. Happu laughs. Vibhu says see Tiwari even you will get a beating. Tiwari says no and laughs. Anguri comes with a shoe and stands behind Tiwari, vibhu says your time has come, saxena says I like it. anguri beats Tiwari 12 times and tiwaris runs away. Anguri goes behind to complete the 25. Vibhu goes behind saying who is wife beaten now?
At anitas house, Tiwari goes and locks the door and sits beside anita who is reading magazine and doesn’t yet know that Tiwari is there. Tiwari hides his face with pillow. Anita then sees him and screams, Tiwari looks at anita. anita says you scared me Tiwari and what is this? Tiwari starts crying, anita says what happened? Tiwari is crying. Then anguri and vibhu come and knock the door, anita gets up to open but Tiwari stops her and says please don’t. Tiwari goes and hides behind sofa. Anita opens the door and anguri comes in with shoe and vibhu too. Anita says twiari was here just now, vibhu says see I can see him he is behind the sofa. Anguri goes with shoe and then beats Tiwari till 25 comes. Vibhu then says bhabhiji actually 3 more are left as you left the count on 12 on the street, anguri beats 3 times more and then goes with the shoe. Vibhu laughs. Tiwari gets up in pain. Anita says what is this Tiwari? And go home now. Tiwari goes and vibhu says see you are wife beaten now. Vibhu laughs, anita says why are you laughing? Vibhu says I can laugh and its my wish, vibhu sits and laughs.
At home anguri is praying to god saying I am sorry and please forgive me but I had to beat Tiwari but it was to save him. Tiwari comes and listens all this, and then tells anguri if you wanted to save me why did you beat me? And what type of love is this? Anguri says I am really sorry and a baba came and told me that you had trouble coming and if I beat you, you could be saved so I did it. anguri goes. Tiwari says who was that blo*dy baba and I will kill him if I meet him. Vibhu comes and says I was the baba and now do what you want? Tiwari says why did you do this? Vibhu says I did this because you teased me yesterday by the name wife beaten and now you are wife beaten. Anita listens this and says wow vibhu nice I am proud of you and now I will give you the price for it and remove your leather belt and come with me right now, anita goes. Tiwari laughs and says you will remain wife beaten. Vibhu goes.

Precap: anita says to vibhu my mama has a job for you at 15000 salary in meerut. Vibhu says I wil not do it at all. Anita thinks I have to somehow transfer vibhu to meerut.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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