Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri in the lawn and vibhu comes. Anguri is singing song and vibhu says don’t sing like that and sing Tiwari has become like a balloon. Anguri says why? He is not fat. Vibhu says yes bhabhiji he has become fat. Anguri says then I will have to put him on dieting. Tiwari comes and then anita comes. Tiwari says vibhu why are you troubling anguri? Anita says what happened Tiwari? Tiwari says he is calling me fat, anguri says yes. Anita says on that point I cant deny and Tiwari has become a bit fat. Tiwari feels insulted. Anguri says from today I will keep you on dieting. Saxena comes with a foreigner. Tiwari and everyone welcome him. Saxena says he is my friend from London Duckworth Lewis. Everyone say hi. Saxena says he actually loved our culture and specially

our Mughal fame so he wanted to make a movie but I told him to make a drama instead and for that I have chosen some actors.
Everyone say wow that’s nice. Saxena says I have chosen you all as actors in my drama and I am going to write its script and direct it too. In that way you all will get to come to london and enjoy too. Everyone is happy and excited.
At tea stall, tika and malkhan are there and malkhan says did you hear tika? That saxena has got his friend a producer from london and he is going to make a drama on Mughal empire and Tiwari anguri anita vibhu are actors in it. tika says they will get to go to london. Malkhan says yes even I want to go in the drama, tika says yes. Saxena comes and tika and malkhan give him biscuits and tea. Saxena says I know boys you want to come in the drama that is why you are doing this. Tika malkhan say yes. Saxena says don’t worry I have good roles for you and you both are there. Tika and malkhan get excited. They then meet duckworth and he is wearing Indian clothes and sitting by the tea stall, saxena says lets go duckworth and they go. Tika says this man is weird and doesn’t seem like a foreigner.
There vibhu gos to kitchen and anguri is there. Anguri says she doesn’t know how to speak urdu. Vibhu says I will teach you. he says lest start with zil-e-ilahi. Anguri says zil-e-illahabad. Vibhu says no its worng and lets make it easier, he says say jalaluddin akbar. Anguri says jala hua Uddin akbar. Vibhu puts head down and says she doesn’t know shit. Anguri says what happened? Vibhu says nothing I will come back with a better teacher.
There Tiwari goes at anitas house and sits. He says anita Bhabhi what role do you want? Anita says I don’t know what role I will get. Tiwari says you will surely get the role of jodha bai. Anita says thank you lets hope and what do you want to be then? Tiwari says I will be akbar. Anita looks at him and starts laughing continuously. Tiwari thinks I am insulted and this time I will become salim and anita anarkali and lets see. Anita says you cant be akbar and when I am imagining you as akbar I just laugh. Tiwari says yes bhabhiji laugh but I will be the right person when time will come. Tiwari goes. Anita is laughing.
There vibhu goes to saxena who is in his balcony with duckworth making kebabs. Vibhu says saxena I need to talk a bit. Saxena says do you know how busy I am? And I have to decide what roles to give then also complete the script then I have to think about jewelry, costume, makeup and setup and the stage too. I have a lot of work so go now. Vibhu says I juts have a word to say and make anguri jodha bai as she deserves it. saxena says you go and I will think whom to make what. Vibhu says yes but remember what I said, vibhu goes.
At home saxena comes with duckworth and everyone is there, Tiwari anita tika malkhan and anguri and vibhu. Saxena says so I have completed my script and decided whom to give the roles. Everyone is excited. Saxena says first that anarkali will be……..anguri. vibhu says yes yes she deserves to be. Anguri is excited and says thanks. Saxena says now about salim. Anita says its obviously Tiwari. Saxena says salim will be vibhu. Vibhu gets more than excited and says I deserve to be salim and I am like him. Anita looks at him and says just shut up. Then saxena says now jodha will be….he looks here and there. Anita says the only woman here is me so tell that its me and why are you creating fake suspense? Saxena says yes Bhabhi maa you guessed it right and you are jodha bai and only you can be the queen in my play. Saxena then says that akbar will Tiwari. Tiwari gets happy and says in akbar’s voice that I am the king.

Precap: the play starts and anita says her dialogue. Tiwari says that no my queen and I have done what I could, suddenly Tiwari coughs.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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