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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tika malkhan and vibhu getting up angrily. Pelu starts song zhopadpati zindabad uncchi haveli murdabad. Vibhu tika and malkhan dance and tease anita on this song and oppose her angrily. Anita at the end goes away angrily. Vibhu slaps tika and malkhan and says she is my wife so I will make her angry not you. They sit and tika and malkhan say she is angry, vibhu say just see what else we will do.
Next morning as vibhu tika and malkhan are sleeping, paper boy throws paper and anguri comes with bell. She rings it and says get up poor people and get fresh soon and come for the breakfast, tika asks what is in the breakfast? Anguri says its aloo parathas and pudina chutney. Tika says make boondi raita too. Anguri says okay. Malkhan says what is in lunch? Anguri says

ladyfingers. Malkhan and tika say make jalebis too. Vibhu beats them and says whatever anguri gives eat it otherwise I will beat you up. Angrui says come for breakfast and she goes.
At anitas house, Tiwari goes and calls anita. anita comes angrily and says what happened? Tiwari says why are you so angry? Anita says what do I do then? Vibhu is not here and so much work is left at home and who will do it? its because of you. Tiwari says what did I do? Anita says he is eating food and enjoying at your house, Tiwari says its because of pandit ramfal so they 3 will enjoy for a year and half. Anita says anyway I am missing him too. Tiwari says if you are missing him I can take his place. Anita says that’s a nice idea and Tiwari gets happy. Anita says wash clothes first, then utensils and sweep and mop the floor. Tiwari is shocked and gets up and goes up in bedroom to washcloths, he gets angry at himself and goes for work as anita says do the work properly.
On the street , the tent of vibhu tika and malkhan is there. Vibhu is shaving, tika is making water hot and is singing song. Pelu is holding mirror for vibhu as he shaves. Anita comes out and looks at vibhu and says what is this drama? Vibhu says everything a poor does is drama for a rich. Anita says oh shut up and why are you doing this? Vibhu says I am not doing this and you did it but now I am a free bird and we poor people don’t listen to anyone, vibhu asks tika is that right? Tika says yes, malkhan comes and says the farm was having a huge line for pooping. Anita gets annoyed and goes and kicks a plastic bottle. Vibhu smiles. There Tiwari comes and is mopping the floor outside lawn. Vibhu says look boys anita has kept a new servant, they all laugh. Tiwari says this is because of you, vibhu says who told you to complain about us and now suffer. Tiwari screams. Vibhu takes garbage and throws it on the floor, Tiwari screams again. Vibhu tika and malkhan laugh.
At home Tiwari goes and tells anguri that do vibhu tika and malkhan look poor? And don’t give them any food and tell them to go. Anguri says tika and malkhan have been thrown out of their house by their owner and anita removed vibhu so they are needy. Tiwari says I said once don’t give them anything and tell them to get lost so do it. anguri says no and I will call mom, anguri takes phone and tells Tiwari tell mom about this and if she says yes then I will stop. Tiwari says no its okay go feed them. Anguri goes. Tiwari smirks.
There anita is coming and she sees happu singh. She tells him she needs help and she is in trouble. Happu says yes I am ready and is it vibhu? Has he done anything? Should I put him in jail? Anita says at least first listen and says actually we had a small issue and we fought over it so vibhu left the house, but now he tika and malkhan have put a tent outside and I want him to return home. happu says what should I do? Anita says remove that tent from there so vibhu will come home. happu says okay I will do it and see what I do, anita says do it today night and goes.
There anguri puts the bell and rings it and says come on poor people and come for food. Vibhu malkhan and tika come and sit. Tika burps, anguri gets scared and goes and brings food. Tika burps, vibhu and malkhan look at him disgustingly. Anguri takes food and serves. Tika burps, anguri goes and keeps distance. They start eating, anita comes and tells anguri see how these people are eating free food at your house and this way your food ration will be over. Anguri says no in fact its increasing and the ration is not finishing at all. Vibhu says rich people are jealous of looking at poor people happy. Anita says these poor people don’t work and get food. Vibhu says we worked at the feet of rich people like you and you did not respect us so we will do what we want. Tika burps.

Precap: at night vibhu tika and malkhan are in tent and watching gulfam kali dance on street. Anita sees from balcony and says vibhu has crossed his limits of characterlessness. Tiwari tells anita that why doesn’t she do affair with someone? Anita says that’s a nice idea so vibhu will be jealous. Tiwari thinks anita will take his name but she says I will ask prem choudhary and that’s the best idea.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    Best comedy show. I simply split my sides laughing at the antics of Vibhuti. My congratulations to all that have made this comedy farce such a great entertainment.

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