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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,anita says no i have not droped any letter and tiwari says tat may be he has teased some lady and she must have complained and so tisri adalat must have hit him and vibhuti says tat wat nonsense r u talking i have only teased bhabhiji and everyone looks at him in surprise and vibhuti completes the sentence i have only teased ur bhabhi tiwari i.e anita and then viibhutis mother comes and calls khachedu and hapu singh says tat there is no khachedu here and then she asks him to be quiet as this is my khachedus house and anita gets upset and then vibhuti calls her mummy and she goes to hug him and sees tat he is injured and then asks him wat happen and says to hapu singh tat u r a police wat were u doing and hapu singh says tat i have a pregnant wife at home and then

vibhutis mother says tat no use of u being a police and then hau singh says tat let me complete my investigation and asks from wat did he hit u and tiwari says it was a hunter and then vibhutis mother says who must have done this who must have complained and she is about to curse and anita says one minute let me tell u the truth and she tells tat actually i wrote tat letter pls don’t take me wrong vibhuti but u know how much big fan i am of tisri adalat and so i thought if i did so i would get a chance to meet tisri adalat and tiwari gave me this idea and then vibhuti looks at him in anger and then hapu singh says ok i will leave and they go
Tiwari at night finishes his work and anguri is sleeping he asks her is she sleeping and anguri says no wat happened and then tiwari asks her does he troubles her and anguri laughs and says tat yes u trouble me but i like it i have no problem and tiwari confirms tat so u will not write a letter complaining tisri adalat and she says no and tiwari tells her tat may be vibhuti can influence u to write a letter and make me get hit promise me u will not write a letter and then anguri says tat no i will not listen to him and then tiwari tries to romance her
Malkhan and tika are having drinks and malkhan asks y has rajbara not yet replied us we have been teasing her since so long and she is not resoponding and pela is listening to all this and he smiles looking at malkhan and they hear a horse coming and malkhan asks tika wat it must be and then he says tat lets go and see the tisri adalat comes and asks tika and malkhan to come near him and they go thinking tat he is giving a ride and tisri adalat asks pela to play the music and then he starts hitting them and he shows his face and he is no one but saxena and he says i like it
Angry is singing song and cooking in kitchen an dthere comes vibhuti and asks anguri how is she and anguri says i m good how r u and vibhuti says tat i m recovering slowly and then asks anguri tat does tiwari trouble u anguri bhabhi and anguri then thinks in her mind tat tiwari was right he wil ask me to write a letter to tisri adalat and vibhuti starts telling tat i m sorry to say this but tiwari keeps teasing womes at corner and anguri gets angry and says tat whatever he may do i will never complaint and she leaves and vibhuti then thinks tat now i have to think something else to punish tiwari and then he goes home writes a letter and comes near the dropbox of tisri adalat and reads the letter i m anguri and my husband tiwari troubles me and he then drops it in the box and saxena sees this and says i like it.
Vibhuti comes home and says to anita tat anguri bhabhi gave u a gift tat ek mukhi rudraksh and anita says tat yes i really liked it and then vibhuti says tat we also have to gift her something and anita says ok i will bring something for her and vibhuti says tat i have already brought and shows her she says tat its nice and says tat never bring anything for me and vibhuti says u have the most precious gift and its me and anita says well tats true and asks her to call anguri and asks her to come home alone and not bring tiwari as u know i don’t get along with him very well and she agrees and calls from vibhutis cell
Tiwari is having drinks and corn and he receives the phone nd says hi to anita but she asks him to give it to anguri and he wonders y is anita bhabhi is in such a mood and anita on phone tells anguri to come home alone and not bring tiwari as she has a surprise for her Tiwari says tat y has she strictly not said me to come and anguri says tat ok i m going and tiwari asks her to say hi to anita on behalf of me and she says ok i will and leaves and tiwari wonders y did anita bhabhi didn’t called me
Anguri rangs the bell and anita welcomes her and in and vibhuti also comes yelling in his pains and welcomes her and anita tells anguri tat we were waiting for u as we have brought a gift for u i wanted to give u and anguri says tats so nice of u and then vibhuti says u chit chat i will be back and anita asks where r going now and vibhutii says tat i m going to have some fresh air so that my injuries get healed soon and anguri says ok ok go and vibhuti levaes and closes the main door with a cunning smile on his face

Vibhuti is calling tiwari to come and sit lets do some gupshup and time pass and then there comes tisri adalat and vibhuti points at tiwari and says tat he is manmohan tiwari

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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