Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,manmohan from his window is wishing to see anita through his binoculars and sees tat vibhuti too is seeing through binoculars and when they see each other they run and come in gallery manmohan asks vibhuti wat was he seeing vibhuti tells tat he was seein stars but a dark cloud came so he couldn’t and vibhuti asks manmohan wat were u seeing through binoculars manmohan says tat he was trying to see moon but could not and then suddenly light goes off and manmohan could not see anything and vibhuti tells him tat manmohan lights have gone off and vibhuti hears anita’s scream and runs towards her manmohan also takes support of the things and goes down to anguri.
Vibhuti goes near anita she hugs him and vibhuti says anita u r still so scared in dark and anita says

please enquire wat has happened why have this lights gone off u know how much I m scared and vibhuti says tat may the it’s the fuse problem and reminds her tat once when a plumber visited our house and the lights went off and u huged he got so happy tat he used to visit our home without reason and anita then asks him to please go out and find out wat exactly is the matter and anita too goes with him.
Manmohan in dark hold laddu and asks anguri tat y does she seems to be so short and y are her hairs so small and anguri starts laughing showing torch towards ladu and then ladu tells tiwari tat its him ladu and not bhabhi ma and then ladu asks wats his problem and anguri tells tat when lights go off manmohan could not see anything and then manmohan shouts anguri tat y did she tell ladu about it as he will now tell everyone and then anguri tells ladu tat he should not tell this to anyone and manmohan then asks ladu to go and see wat is wrong with anita as he heard her scream and ladu says tat he is very sleepy and goes and manmohan and anguri goes out
Vibhuti and anita also come out anita asks vibhuti go and find out y there is no light and vibhuti goes and call bhabhiji and manmohan and anguri comes out manmohan is looking in other direction and talking to vibhuti and there comes saxena and tells tat there is light everywhere but not iin our colony and they decide to go and meet panditji and ask him as he works in electrician department and everyone agree to go manmohan says no but vibhuti takes him and anguri slowly whispers in manmohans ears tat hold vibhutis hand and go and manmohan rests hi head on vibhutis shoulder and they all go and while going manmohan goes in wrong direction and goes and bang door of pathak considering it is pandit’s house and shouts at him to come out soon while pathak comes out and manmohan slaps him asking y there is no light in our colony pathak then tells manmohan tat he is not pandit he is pathak and manmohan gets a bit scared as he is a body builder and then pathak asks him to stay right here as he will bring stick to hit him and then manmohan taking support of wall and runs while vibhuti is heard asking panditji about light.
Anguri,anita and ladu are sitting outside anguris house and waiting for light to come Vibhuti and manmohan then are going back home and then vibhuti says tat I think manmohan is not well see how he is behaving and then manmohan hold anitas hand considering her as anguri and then vibhuti tells tat its anita not anguri and manmohan leaves her hand anguri takes him inn saxena comes and tells tat all the men are going to gather near the center of colony and we all should go and manmohan says he wont come and saxena says tat u r not man and manmohan gets angry instead of slapping saxena he slaps vibhuti and everyone gets shocked vibhuti asks manmohan y did he hit him and manmohan says sorry as he is very uncomfortable right now
Saxena says u have to come tiwari as u r the head of the society and vibhuti drags him and anguri asks ladu to go with him and then saxena stands on the rickshaw and addressee everyone tat its only our society tat doesnot has light and there are thieves roaming all around to rob and so we need to take some step manmohan is standing beside pathak and pathak whispers in manmohans ears tat after this he will see him and then saxena calls manmohan as the head of the societ comitte to come and suggest and manmohan stands on rickshaw and says tat we need to guard our own houses and vibhuti says tat y everyone should do it instead I will guard yours and then pathak says no its better we guard our own houses and then when manmohan while getting down the rickshaw falls on pathak and ladu hears all this and runs to anita and anguri and tell them tat they all have decided to guard their houses entire night and anita then thinks now this is going to be very difficult for her and ladu reads her mind and asks wat difficulty u will face and anita says nothing.
Vibhuti and manmohan are coming back home and vibhuti says to manmohan tat y did he suggested to guard houses as anita is very scared of dark and she hugs anyone who comes in front of her in dark manmohan gets happy listening to this and he dashes a pole as he cant see he again dashes a scooter and his knee gets hurt.
Anguri is seen applying medicine to manmohans knees and vibhuti is showing light through torch and anita asks him to show light properly and then takes torch from his hands and she shows the torch light and light comes and then anita and vibhuti decide to leave and manmohan says tat he will call pandit ji and thanks him for light and he calls and pandit ji tells tat the light is just for a minute as the head of electricity is stuck in a lift and the light is just for a minute and then manmohan decides to make some reason to make vibhuti and anita stay and make anguri go inside and he shouts in pain and says tat he needs a pain killer and anguri says tat she will bring and mnamohan says no as last time u brought cockroach spray and then anita tells vibhuti to go and bring the pain killer in her drawer and he leaves and manmohan then waits for perfect time and position for the lights to go off.

Manmohan is telling pandit tat now there should not be light in our colony even if it is in entire city and pandit says no and manmohan says to him tat he will tell about his 2nd or 3rd marriage to his current wife and then pandit agrees then manmohan is with anita and waiting for lights to go off and light goes off.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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