Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhuti with prem on call, says college days I proposed her twice but she denied, prem says but she married an rich oil merchant from Dubai not like u jobless person,u are a big flirt Vibhuti,Anita sees him n says who is he talking to so long n says Vibhu come in lets go to bed,it’s an hour since u are talking,Vibhutis ays just a minute n says prem I know u too, u use to read porn in library remember u got caught once,prem says I know,those videos remember we use to see,Vibhuti says yes jungle love,prem says I have that now as well,Vibhuti says we will once again see those movies n remember old times,Anita says Vibhu cmon enough of it now.

Vibhuti says Anu I was talking to friend what’s wrong,Anita says u have no time for me, u don’t talk to me,Vibhuti says I

have no topic to talk to u,oh yes I have one,I paid the electricity bill,good night,Anita gets very upset. Anguri in bedroom freshens up n singing songs,n decorates bed,Tiwari walks in,anguri says hi,Tiwari says yes hi how are u,anguri says fine how abt u,Tiwari says good,anguri says see I’m all ready for u just for u, how am I looking,Tiwari goes off to sleep n starts snoring,anguri says oh no he is so bad n tries waking him up but he doesn’t Wakeup n says I did all this for u but u slept, I will complain abt this to Amaji,Tiwari still doesn’t wake up,anguri calls Amaji n says ur son, he does nothing,remember u told me to get ready for him, I did so but no sue, he went to sleep.amaji says oh do one thing,go near his ears n make sound of ur bangles, anguri does so but still no effect,anguri says Amma no use,Amaji says ok then try tempting him with ur hair, anguri says ok n does so,anguri says oh he is smiling, Tiwari sneezes,anguri says oh he woke up Tiwari goes back to sleep,anguri says oh he slept again,Amma says now slap him,anguri says I can’t do this, u go to sleep I will call u tomorrow.

Anguri goes in balcony,Anita in her balcony too n asks u look worried,anguri says yes i am, Tiwari doesn’t love me anymore,he is bored of me,he doesn’t look at me, but u are so lucky,Anita says no no, I’m in same condition too,anguri says really Anita says yes he keeps talking to his friends but me, he has no topic to talk to me,anguri says same here,Anita says this means we are in same situation, but life is so long n if our husbands are bored of us how will we manage rest of our lives,tomorrow u come to my house we will discuss on it good night.

Vibhuti at tea stall says what will I talk to her on now,Tiwari comes there n asks u look worried what’s the matter,Vibhuti asks how long are u married, Tiwari says 7 years,Vibhuti says n how many times u entertain bhabhijis talk,Tiwari says within an year I was bored of her foolish talks,Vibhuti says same here,n why don’t women understand this,Anita doesn’t understand the topics I talk to prem I can’t discuss with her,Tiwari says if bhabhiji wants to talk u can send her to our place, I mean she can talk to anguri,Vibhuti says in that case same pinch.

Prem comes dancing n joins Tiwari n Vibhuti,Vibhuti asks why a re u dressed in dhoti,prem says our very own gulfamkali,Tiwari says urs not ours,prem says she is Bengali,n this the dress code to see her now, let’s go,Vibhuti n Tiwari says we are t interested plz leave. Anita reading magazine reads an article on husbands ignoring wife, anguri joins her,n gets kheer for Anita,Anita says wow yummy,anguri says but Tiwari didn’t like it,he said its so tasteless n left,Anita says these men, we need to do something, even Vibhuti is missing n all household works are left,anyways this magazine has a remedie for us,anguri says yes yes tell me,Anita says this magazine has some tests, which will tell us whether there is hope for improvement.

Anguri goes home n says wow Tiwari is home n so I can test him,Saxena sees anguri n says why u look worried, who hurt u,anguri says no one, Saxena says I’m ur son n I can see u upset,anguri says no I’m not upset,Saxena says u are smiling but I know u are hurt, but I can’t see u upset,anguri says I are irritating me,go now,Saxena says ok as u wish but the person who troubled u I won’t leave him n leaves.

Anguri acts as if she has sprain in her leg n starts shouting,Tiwari comes out n asks what happened,anguri says my leg I have a cramp,Tiwari says how did u get one,anguri says I slipped off,Tiwari says how clumsy, anguri says now lift in ur arms n take me In,Tiwari says ok wait,anguri thinks wow he we lift me.

Pre cap: Vibhuti says Anita dragged me in bathroom n pour cold water on me, how would u feel,Tiwari says I would like it if bhabhiji would do so.
Tiwari says I’m going washroom, will u follow me there as well,anguri says yes n sings to Jahan Jahan mera saya sath Hoga.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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