Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Anita tears will papers.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu says there’s no person in this colony who works properly. The man comes shouting and asks to give his car back and leaves,Vibhu says god he is so abusive. Anguri says to mark yes I will give you a tour,mark says thank you and I’m very hungry,Anguri says come let’s have chat,he says no it will be heavy give me something that will be healthy,Anguri gives him biscuits,he says wow I love it.

Tiwari upset and says god knows for where she is roaming with that mark,Anguri walks in,Tiwari asks where were you,Anguri says mark is our guests I was just giving him a tour of Kanpur,Tiwari says he is taking bhabhiji as Vibhuti away and you,Anguri says that’s good,he will go America and get a job,Tiwari says but why are you roaming stupid women,Anguri says enough of

shouting on me,or else I will call Amaji,Tiwari leaves in anger,Anguri says this is all for you Amaji asked me too.

Prem sees Happu, Happu says I’m tried here and I’m thinking of shifting America and joining police there,Orem says how can I help you in it,Happu says forward my details to FBI,prem says okay but why do you want to,Happu thinks because Anita bhabhiji is shifting America,Prem says hello where are you lost,Happu says just forward the details, prem says okay I have forwarded the details, they will answer about what position they will,prem says it says as sweeper post.vibhu and Tiwari walk to Happu.

Vibhu asks Happu where is your phone,Happu says my phone is home my son is playing,Prem asks how are you Vibhu,Vibhu says you won’t be fine if you won’t leave, your wife is looking for you,prem rushes,Tiwari says we have a work for you Happu , you need to eve tease a women,Happu asks which lady,Vibhu says yes and she is Anu,Happu says you are her husband and you,Tiwari says hear out first,bhabhiji wants to shift America,Happu says I’m not happy as well,Vibhu says okay if you isn’t want it just eve tease her and when she gets upset with her,she will hot you hard and then you will file a case against her that she hot an on duty officer and once that happens Anu won’t have an visa,Happu says well done,good idea,Vibhu says okay concentrate on the mission now,Happu says I will.

Mark Anguri and Anita having tea,mark say sits so hot in Kanpur,Anita says I know it’s cold in America,Anguri asks there’s no summer in America,mark says yes it’s cold where I stay and you come with me we will have fun,Anita says how can she she has to stay here with Tiwariji,Anguri asks who kept this surname shuturmurg,he says my father owns too many ostrich farms so this name and you are so cute.

Happu comes thee says hi to Anita and says hot climate and hot you,Anita says have you lost it,Happu says nayone wpuld lose seeing you,mark says how dare you,Happu says your sister is so hot and you shut up and stay there,Anita says are you drunk,Happu says I don’t need alcohol you are just enough for me,Anguri says he is Eve teasing you,Happu says yes I am,Anita says leave or else I will slap you,Happu says oh will at least touch me,near by men see this and all start hitting ahoy and take him away and hit him hard.

Happu all banded with Tiwari and Vibhu at garage,Happu says I’m crushed,Tiwari says bhabhiji hit you so hard,Vibhu as yes Anu is very short tempered,Happu says no she didn’t, I was Eve teasing her,but before she could hit me, people near by started hitting me,Vibhu says he spoilt our plan,Happu says what did I do,Vibhu Amy’s go to Gulfamkali she will help you,Happu leaves,Vibhu say so have no idea what to do,the man comes back asking for car,Vibhu says just some more time,he starts yelling and messes the whole garage and leaves,Vibhu in shock.Tiwari gives him a kiss,Vibhu says yes I love you too.

Mark says Anguri you cook so tasty food,come with me to America I will open a restaurant for you,Anita says yes angruiji I will have company too,Anguri says but I don’t know English,mark says I am there for you,I will teach you English in 15 days,Tiwari says what will I do if she leaves,mark says such bad husband she can work and progress there but you stopping her,Tiwari says we don’t need to go America,mark says only Anguri will come not you,vibhu says even we won’t come,Anita says stop it Vibhu.

Anita says Vibhu stop insulting my brother,Vibhu says he keeps insulting me,mark says you need to have respect,but I will take you America and then you will have respect,Vibhu says enough I’m not going,you go,Tiwari says and what bhabhiji will do alone in America and what will you do here,Vibhu says I have bhabhiji and you also,Tiwari says bhabhiji will not go alone,Anita says enough it’s my decision to go or not and I am going.

Uncle walks in and says I was waiting for Mishra house and you are here,Vibhu starts crying and says I don’t want to go America she is forcing me,uncle says is this true,Anita says yes for business,uncle says look I got property will what about this,Anita says as always Anita tears it.

Pre cap…Anita and mark invites Tiwari and Anguri for farewell party,Tiwari says I won’t come,mark says great but Anguri do come I will be Waiting,Anguri says sure.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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