Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita telling vibhu to eat pani puri, anguri says yes eat it sweetu. Anita looks and is shocked, vibhu says you eat and hides his face.
At night Tiwari and vibhu being dad are drinking alcohol. Tiwari says drink this but not too much as you are old, vibhu says you must be old and there is a lot of youth in me. Tiwari says okay and I request you to show your youthness to someone else and go from here. Dad says why? Tiwari says since you have come here my life has destroyed as ou are flirting with my wife and go from here I will give you 10000rs. Vibhu says you are buying me to go from my son and his wife? Tiwari increases the amount to 50000rs and vibhu says yes, Tiwari goes to bring the money, vibhu says wow vibhu you took money from this misers house. Tiwari

comes and gives him 50000rs. The man comes and says where is your son vibhuti? Vibhu says he is not here but he sent 50000rs for you and take this, man takes and goes home. Vibhu gets up and goes home. Tiwari is confused and says what the hell just happened? Episode ends.
At night Tiwari is calculating his profit and he gets 5.5 lakh profit. Anguri comes and says today I went with anita at the jeweler. Tiwari is scared and asks so? Anguri says I saw a diamond necklace and buy that for me please. Tiwari is scared and shocked and says how much is it? Anguri says for around 2.5 lakh. Tiwari is shocked and then makes a reason for not buying it, he says that my business Is not going well and I have a loan on my head, anguri says what? Tiwari says yes but don’t worry we have a land near the shop and I will sell it and buy you a necklace. Anguri says no and it’s a time of problems so don’t worry I don’t need it. Tiwari says okay as you say. Tiwari is happy.
At vibhus house he is ironing clothes. Anita comes and says what is this and this is not the way you iron clothes. Vibhu says what and you do it then and I already do so much work at home. Anita says that’s because you are jobless and I am working and if u can go then go and find a job. Vibhu says its too much now and I will find a job and just see.
Next day in morning anguri is cutting vegetables. Anguri says I should help Tiwari in this time of trouble to clear his loan. Vibhu comes and says hello Bhabhi and why are you upset? Anguri tells vibhu about tiwaris loan and even she wants to help in earning money. Vibhu says even I want a job as anita and I had an argument yesterday. Anguri says okay. The laundry man comes and anguri and vibhu say hello. Laundry man keeps the clothes and tells that I am going out for a week and find some other guy to wash and iron the clothes as I will come after a week. Man goes. Anguri says what to do now and laundry man is gone for a week. Vibhu says I have a business plan, anguri says what? Vibhu says that the laundry man is not here for a week so we can collect all the peoples clothes and you wash it and I will iron it for a week and it’s a good plan and no investment and only profit. Anguri says yes that’s nice and they shake hands. Vibhu says lets get started.
There anita is outside her grooming classes. She is talking to meenal on the phone and tells that I am tired and there is no auto anywhere, and its so hot in October too. Tiwari comes, anita says I will talk to u later meenal and she keeps phone. Tiwari says even I came from work and even you and you work hard, anita says yes to live in this world you have to, Tiwari says if vibhu would understand this too. Anita says this is not a place to discuss this, tika and malkhan come and are announcing in the town. They say a new laundry service is opening and its sahi pakde hain laundry service. Tika malkhan say that your clothes will be washed by anguri Bhabhi and vibhuti will iron the clothes. Tika malkhan give the leaflets to everyone. Malkhan says that come fast with your dirty clothes and come at house no. 6 and 9. Tiwari and anita are shocked.
There anguri is washing clothes and vibhu is ironing clothes. Vibhu asks anguri how much did u wash? Anguri says most of it just another bucket is left, vibhu says even I am almost done with ironing. Anita and Tiwari come. Anita comes and sees vibhu ironing cothes and asks what are you doing? There Tiwari asks anguri what are you doing? Anguri says I am washing clothes. Vibhu says I am ironing clothes. Tiwari says to anguri don’t do it and have I kept you un feeded? Anguri says I am just helping you to get off your loan. Anita says to vibhu if u had to do this then why do u keep on telling everyone that you topped your university. Vibhu says take my degree and give it to peanut guys and tell them selling peanuts. Anguri says I want to help you, Tiwari says don’t wash others clothes and what are you doing? Anguri says I will help u get off your loan. Anita tells vibhu that u wash my clothes and its different and don’t wash other clothes.

Precap: tiwaris mom is on the phone and asks Tiwari where anguri is? Tiwari says by mistake that she is washing clothes. There anita tells vibhu that mr.gupta is coming tomorrow and he wants me to expand my grooming classes and make franchises so I don’t want that laundry shop here. Vibhu says I will not remove that stuff from there.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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