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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari going at anitas house and telling her that vibhuti broke his expensive phone. Anita tells why did he break his phone. Tiwari tells that he was just speaking with someone and then vibhuti came and broke his phone. Tiwari then tells that she has married some dumb person. Anita tells him that why does he have a personal grudge against vibhuti. Tiwari says leave it and asks her that how will she celebrate her diwali. She says that she loves bursting crackers. Then tiwari says that he will enjoy bursting crackers with her.
There vibhuti starts announcing to the people that please dont burst crackers. Saxena comes and starts bursting the gun and says he likes it. Vibhuti goes and slaps him. Saxena says he likes it. Then vibhuti tells that he should not

burst crackers as the earth is getting polluted. Saxena says that did earth tell him personally that its feeling polluted. Then vibhuti tells him that the earthquakes that happen is a sign that tells humans that its enough and dont burst crackers or else one day it will burst itself and engulf all the people in this world. Saxena starts crying. He tries to say something. But vibhuti slaps him so that he should say something. Saxena says he will not burst crackers.
At anitas house, anguri comes. Anita asks how is she going to celebrate diwali. Anguri says she is going to her mothers house as she is scared of crackers. Vibhuti comes there. He says he feels bad about it and he will not let anyone burst crackers. Tiwari comes and says how can they not burst crackers and that they will burst crackers. Anita says yes. Vibhuti tells anita that she is an educated woman and how can she say yes. Tiwari says he will burst crackers. Vibuti tells anguri to come with him as they will not burst crackers.
Tiwari is practicing bursting crackers. He goes at his doorstep and ignites a bomb and hides on his sofa. Tillu comes there and before entering the bomb bursts on his face. He then comes in and sits on the sofa. He tells tiwari thata why did he burst a bomb on his face. Tiwari tells it was by mistake. Then tillu says that he has still not given him his salary and bonus. Tiwari says he will give him. Tiwari asks him whether he bought the ticjet for anguri. Tillu says no. Then tiwari imagines that how will he burst crackers with anita then. Tillu orders tiwari that next time to burst crackers in the open. He orders him to pay his salary and bonus. He orders tiwari to stay in his limits and not do such jokes. Tiwari tells him to go away from his house.
Vibhuti comes at anguris front yard. He overhears that she will go from a taxi to her mothers house. Vibhuti goes and tells her that no one will burst crackers andthat he has respect and people will losten to him. Tika and malkhan hear this and tima says that lets show him what respect he has. They go and burst crackers behind vibhuti. Vibhuti starts dancing and closes his ears. Then he looks at tika and malkhan. They run away. He then sees that anguri is unconscious.
The doctor checks anguri and tells tiwari and vibhuti that her pulse is fast like a child. Tiwari looks at vibhuti angrily. Then suddenly anguri gets conscious. She calls tiwari a chacha. Tiwari says that he is not chacha and that she is his wife. Then anguri calls vibhuti uncle. Vibhuti tells her that he is not uncle. Anguri says she is a 6 yr old girl. Vi huti tells that she is a beautiful gorgeous and innocent woman and not a girl. Tiwari looks at him stunned. Then she still calls vibhuti uncle and he goes away crying. Tiwari asks the doctor what happened. Doctor says that anguri has come back to her childhood because of the shock. Tiwari says what to do now?. Doctor says that he should now just sit with a bottle of milk and a diaper and send anguri to a nursery school. anguri slaps the doctor and the doctor goes. She tells tiwari that she will not go to school.
At night, vibhuti dreams that anguri is calling him uncle. He gets up and shouts loudly that no dont call me uncle. Anita gets up and says what happened. He tells her about his dream. Anita says that yes she is also sad about anguris problem. Vibhuti says he is going for a walk with his friend prem as he need some fresh air. Anita says okay and tells him that he should instead sleep or else his friend will also insult him.
At tiwaris house, anguri is jumping on the bed and she tells tiwari that she wants to sit on a slide. And she hits tiwari for that. Tiwari says that how can he find a slide for her at night. He tells her that first she should drink milk and sleep and then next morning he will take her on a slide. She says okay.

Precap: Anguri, saxena, happu singh and the pelu are standing. Anguri comes with a gun and with saxena tell that they are going to burst crackers. Then anguri tells happu singh that she has tied a cracker to his bike. Happu singh says where? She tells him that on its tail. The cracker bursts and happu singh jumps scared and runs away. Saxena anguri and pelu also run.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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