Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with happu’s constable arresting vibhu. Anita says what is this? And she goes behind vibhu and says happu you see what I will do. Saxena comes and says why did you take vibhu? Happu says because he was feeding pani puri to anita in public and now it is against law. Saxena says I like it. happu then sees another couple eating pani puri together. Happu confronts the man and it is commissioner. Commissioner says what are you doing? If you do anything like this again with me, I will suspend you. saxena says beat me also in such a crime. Happu says shut up.
At night vibhu pushes happu’s scooter till tiwari’s house. Vibhu says what did I even do? I was just feeding pani puri to my wife. Happu says I cannot do anything, the law has changed so I had to do what I am told

to do. Vibhu says then go and arrest that Tiwari too, he is in the bedroom with his wife. if i cannot feed my wife, even he cannot touch his wife according to the law. Vibhu gives happu money as bribe and goes.
In bedroom, anguri is watching a movie of Amitabh bacchan. She gets a call from mom. Mom says how are you my girl? Anguri says I am fine, how are you? mom says I was just eating sugarcane, but I have a good news for you. mom blushes and says pandit ramfal saw anguri’s kundli and he said that you have a baby coming soon. Anguri gets happy and says that is exciting. Mom says but you have to do something. Anguri say what? Mom blushes and tells her what to do. She then says bye and keeps phone. Suddenly the light goes, mom instead of sugarcane chews a stick and when light comes back, she says what is this? I was chewing a stick, she throws it out of window and it falls on a man down. Man screams and mom runs inside.
There Tiwari come sin room. Anguri says I have something to say, Tiwari says what? Anguri blushes and says in tiwari’s ears. Tiwari says then come on, lets fulfill mom’s wish. Anguri and Tiwari are about to sleep when happu steps in from window and says wait, wait. Tiwari says why did you come here? Happu says according to the law, now touching your wife is also a crime. Tiwari says what? Don’t fool us. Happu says I have not seen my wife since months and you think I am joking? Anguri says there is no such law but. Happu pulls Tiwari and says you are under arrest, he takes him. Anguri says I don’t understand what Is happening?
Next day at tea stall, tika is there and tika is learning English. Malkhan comes and says the girls are coming. Tika malkhan get ready. Girls come and say hello guys. Tika says my fathers name is ramlal. Girls laugh and say are you both dumb? Malkhan says my father too. Girls laugh, malkhan and tika then say I love you after looking in English book. Happu singh comes running and catches them and says you both are under arrest for proposing in public. Saxena comes and says leave them, I will tease these girl, saxena then calls all teasing names to girls and says see I teased them please beat me. Happu says shut up, you are mental, law does not apply on mental people. Happu slaps tika and malkhan and takes them. Saxena says I don’t like it. the girls say but we like you. saxena says no sorry sisters and he goes. Girls laugh.
At home tika and malkhan are crying and say that hapu looted us both time of all our money. Anita and anguri say yes that’s not right. Anita says we have to do something about happu. Tika and malkhan cry and say we had worked so much to gather that amount of money, we thought we would have a date with those girls but that rascal happu singh took all our money, now we don’t have any money. Vibhu says don’t cry, he looted me too. Anguri says what did you have that he looted you? Tiwari and tika malkhan laugh. Tiwari says he doesn’t have anything, happu must have looted something else, Tiwari laughs. Vibhu says what did you say? Tiwari says nothing, he came to my house at night and took money from me too. Anguri and anita say they have to do something about happu. Tika says they are so angry that they will stuff him in a bag and throw him in the river. Anita says then even you will go to jail. Vibhu says we don’t have to do anything, we will use his tricks against him. Vibhu tells the plan.
Later, anita and vibhu come out and start dancing romantically. Tiwari and anguri also come out and dance romantically. They all dance with their own wives. There happu sees and enjoys watching anita. then anita hugs vibhu and Tiwari hugs anguri. Happu comes and says stop, stop. All of them look at happu. Happu says Tiwari and vibhu, you both will be arrested. Tiwari and vibhu say why? anguri and anita say romancing our husbands is not a crime. Happu says you both please go home and let me do my work. Tiwari and vibhu say anguri and anita go home we will handle this. They both go. hiding behind a tree are tika and malkhan. They have a mobile to do recording. Tiwari says to happu tell us your cost. Happu says what? Vibhu says loudly tell us your cost. Happu says 10k rs. Tiwari says okay and removes 5k rs and says loudly this is my 5000rs. Vibhu removes 5000rs and says this is my 5000rs. They both count it loudly and give to happu. Happu says okay now don’t scream loudly and go now enjoy dancing. Happu goes. Malkhan records everything.
Later that day, at home happu comes. Anguri Tiwari and anita vibhu are there. Happu says why did you call us? Anita says wait, commissioner comes and sits. Commissioner says you all called me? Vibhu says yes sir we want to show you something. Vibhu then shows the recording of happu taking bribe from them. Happu is shocked. Commissioner says what is this happu singh? Happu says nothing sir I was just joking with them. Commissioner says just shut up, police are kept to protect the people and protect women too but you made a joke of the new law introduced. Commissioner says you are suspended for a week happu singh. Happu is shocked and everyone is happy. Tika and malkhan come and say sir this happu looted us too. Happu says go and enjoy with your girlfriends. Tika says what go? they ran away, they fooled us. Everyone laugh.

Precap: Tiwari is at tea stall, tika says you are looking very smart today. Tiwari says that I look everyday but why did you say it just today? Tika says actually I have a girlfriend. Tiwari says so? Malkhan says so tika wants to buy a gold ring for her for her birthday. Tiwari says wow that’s nice. Malkhan says yes, we need 10k rupees as a loan from you. Tiwari says get lost!!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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