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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari going at the baba. He tells how anita insulted him and made joke of his love. Baba tells make rotis for a black dog and give her it to eat. Tiwari says okay. He is told to give 2100rs.
Tiwari goes.
At home vibhu is in kitchen. He is making dough for the roti. Tiwari comes at his kitchen and sees vibhu. They both smile. Tiwari also starts making dough for the roti. There as vibhu is making the dough. Anita comes and disturbs him. Vibhu says why did you disturb me? Anita says leave all that and make rice for me. Vibhu says i am making rotis. Anita says make rice and then only come in front of me. She goes. Vibbu says what the and i cant even do my work without being disturbed.
There tiwari is making dough when anguri comes and says what are you

doing? Tiwari says making dough. Anguri says you are my husband and you cant cook and go away from the kitchen. Tiwari says why and even vibhu is doing. Anguri says i dont know but you go. Tiwari thinks she will not let me make roti so i will do it at night. Tiwari goes.
At night vibhu comes out to give roti to the dog. He is searching for the dog. Tiwari also come out. Vibhu and tiwari look at each other. Then they say we got the same solution from baba. They say okay and start searching for the dog. At a corner they find the black dog and lure it and give it the rotis. But its saxena who is dressed as dog and comes chasing vibhu and tiwari. They stop saxena. Saxena says i dress as a dog to play with other dogs and when he is bitten by them then he enjoys it. Vibhu and saxena tells so you must be knowing many black dogs and we have to give this roti. Saxena says yes one black dog will comenow and it is very quite and give it. They both says okay. Then they hear the voice of dog barks and saxena says go and give her a roti. They both go. They give her roti but the dog bites them and they run away. Saxena goes away saying i like it. They both say to each other that atleast that dog ate the roti even if they were bitten. They both go.
Next day vibhu goes to see if anything happened. Vibhu asks anguri how she is feeling and does she want jalebis? Anguru says no i told u that day that i cant eat from any stranger. Vibhu goes thinking nothing happened. Tiwari waits for anita to come. Anita comes. Tiwari says good morning. Anita says what happened and tiwari asks how are you feeling? Anita says nothing just positive. Tiwari says and anything more? Anita says i think you are disturbing and eating my brains and she goes. Tiwari thinks that nothing happened and i should forget it. Vibhu comes. They asks if anything happened in their problems? Both say no. Happu singh comes. There another policeman arrests that baba and her assistant. He tells happu singh that this baba is a fraud and duped many people. Happu singh tiwari and vibhu look at each other. Episode ends.
At home anita is talking with meenal and she tells she has become a writer now and i will read what i have written. Tiwari comes. Anita tells that i am a woman and i have feelings in my heart but why did god make a hole in my heart? Tiwari is shocked and starts crying. He runs out and says why did god make a hole in anitas heart and i cant live like this.
At the tea stall happu singh is talking with someone and says see for a guy for my sisters daughter in marriage. Then happu says but she needs a very black faced guy and not fair. Happu singh keeps phone as he is told that the man has only fair guys. Tika who was hearing this is happy and tells happu singh how about me? Happu singh slaps tika many times and tells get lost and you are a useless poopfaced guy. Tika goes. Vibhu comes and sits. Tiwari comes crying and hugs vibhu.

Precap: tiwari is crying and tells that he heard anita telling someone on phone that she has a hole in the heart. Vibhu cries and happu singh is sad.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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