Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update Khurana turns zombie.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

angoori watering plants, Vibhu walks to her and says we had fun last night,angoori you and Tiwari kept fighting how was it nice,vibhu says it was our hatred that just busted out,prem comes there on bike and says she will never understand what you want to say,vibhu says it will take time but sure she will see my love,prem says hello to angoori,angoori says hello and leaves.

Prem says I’m going for sun bath,vibhu says let me ride and both leave on bike,tika tilu malkhan discussing about a girl, Khurana zombie walks from behind,they see Khurana and get scared.

prem on call to says gulfamkali i will pick you at 7 bye,prem sees khurana and runs,vibhu gets milk and sits on bike and says let’s go Prem,khurana sits behind him,and vibhu says remember our patent song we use

to sing while we stole dubeys bike and sings it,vibhu says my home is here bye,prem says look zombie behind you Vibhu,vibhu runs away scared,khuarana bites a man passing bye,prem and Vibhu run to mishra house and tell angoori what happened,vibhu says wait he must not be zombie he must be actor, there’s shooting in kanpur.
Prem says im scared drop me home,all three go out,vibhu says look all is fine,prem says right,vibhu says come let’s have tea,anu watching movie, Tiwari walks in,anu says dont disturb im watching a film on zombie,tiwari says my grandpa use to tell me stories about zombiez,anu says tell me,tiwrai says my grandpa was passing by a jungle and he felt few people following,he turned and was shocked to see them making weird faces,and was so scared he ran away,anu says wow exciting, Tiwari says arent you scared,anu says i would love to meet a zombie im so crazy about them,tiwari says i pray to god your wish comes true and leaves

vibhu says hi baby wassup,anu says dont distrub im watching a film on zombie,vibhu says you and your horror films when will this stop,aanu says it will come see me tonight as zombie exciting right,vibhu says god you,anu says dont disturb me now.

happu in jail,gupta runs to him and tells about khuaran the zombie,happu says you made a mistake look there khurana under the table,happu says doctor come inside save your life,happu and khurana lock themselves in jail
tilu says that wasnt a ghost,it was a zombie and explains to ttika and malkhan,malkhan asks but what is he doing here,they draw water from well and a zombie comes out of it,abd and few more approach from behind, they run away,tiwari and Vibhu with ghost face mask at eachothers windows.

Vibhu says tiwari we know there is no zombie,i took this look to scare anu,tiwari says me too,vibhu says lets excahnge,tiwari says good idea,both enter rooms through window,

aanu looks at him and says cmon zombie massage my legs,angoori says oh my zombie i was waiting for you, Tiwari’s hands start shivering.

pre cap: gupta and happu tell everyone about zombie attack.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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