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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,vibhuti comes as a sales person to exchange the laptop tiwari asks to show him and he then steals the laptop and runs anguri and tiwari run behind him the old man bumps into the rickshaw man pela and he takes the laptop and starts hitting him and then comes tiwari and anguri shouting as robber and the pela rickshaw man hits the old man who is vibhuti badly and then comes anita and shouts at tiwari tat y r they hitting and old man and tiwari says he stole my laptop and anita says so wat u could have gave him the laptop y did u hit an old man and tiwari says tat there are important work files in the laptop I m sorry I cant give and take it and goes home while anguri says u could have given him nd tiwari asks to keep her quiet and calls her in and then vibhuti asks pela

y did he hit me didn’t he knew tat it was me vibhuti and he smiles and then anita also gets angry on pela and then they go home and vibhuti has got hurt badly he is yelling in pain anita asks him to shut up and vibhuti says tat tat pela talks nothing but has hit me badly I will see him one day and then anita asks him to think find out some idea and anita gets and idea and asks vibhuti to go and get changed.we have to take the laptop from ladu before he starts studying
Vibhuti goes in gallery and plays music loudly while ladu is siting in gallery with his laptop for study by listening music he gets disturbed and asks vibhuti to lower the music while vibhuti says tat wat will u do by studying u will sell undergarments like ur brother I will listen as I want to hear music ladu tries telling him tat he wants to study but vibhuti doesnot listens and comes tiwari and ladu tells him tat vibhuti is disturbing him while studying and tiwari asks vibhuti to lower the music as if he does not he can also become like u jobless and vibhuti asks tiwari to shut up tiwari and vibhuti get into verbal fight and comes anita and she asks them to calm down and anita says tat actually I asked him to play music I wanted to dance and tiwari gets happy and says tat then its ok and ladu says I don’t want to be either like u or vibhuti bhaiya and vibhuti plays the music and anita starts dancing and tiwari enjoys the dance ladu gets up and goes in other room and seeing this vibhuti also runs to take tat laptop and tiwari enjoys seeing anita dance and in that enjoyment he looses his balance and falls down in the rickshaw man pelas lap anita sees this and asks tiwari tat is he ok and pela smiles looking at her
Ladu comes down and says tat he is too much disturbed and now he will go to play and he goes vibhuti comes in and picks up the laptop and while he was about to leave anguri sees him and she says tat she didn’t expect this from him and vibhuti explains her tat actually he was not stealing he was just taking it for a while as anita dose not allows him to talk to his mother and so he was taking it to talk to her and anguri believes him and says ok u can take it but u would have atleast told me and then vibhuti says tat u tell to tiwari and he then goes and tells to anita and then she dose not allows me to talk so I didn’t tell u and anguri then asks him to take it and leave and she then talks to herself tat anita is such a beautiful woman y does she behave like this
Vibhuti comes in with laptop and anita gets happy seeing tat vibhuti got laptop and anita says all the credit goes to me and vibhuti says ok anita says it was me who was dancing on floor and then vibhuti searches for the folder named naughty rajaram and he could not find it and then anita also checks it even she could not find it and then comes saxena and says tat he knew about tat video and vibhuti gets angry and slaps him and anita says tat saxena u r very bad how dare u see our personal clips and saxena then says tat he deleted the video when he saw anita bhabhi in tat he deleted it and then vibhuti says to anita tat now this man will tell the entire colony and saxena says tat if I would have wanted to tell it to entire society I would not have deleted it and he leaves and anita then thanx saxena for being so good.
Vibhuti wakes up and he cant see anguri so he rangs bell and he didn’t get a shock he gets surprised and when he opens door he sees someone else and he asks where is anguri and the women tells tat they left their home and vibhuti wakes shouting no no and anita comes running and asks him wats wrong and vibhuti asks anita u and she says tat were u expecting anyone else in my bedroom and vibhuti says tat he saw a bad dream and anita asks him to tell the dream he says tat u will not like it and vibhuti says tat he saw that u were wearing chaniya choli and anita gets happy and asks which color he says pink anita says nice color combination and she then asks further let me guess it must be tat I m helping u take bath and vibhuti says no u are kidnapped by goons and they cut your hands and anita gets very angry and says tat wat kind of a dream is this I always tell u to see my face before sleeping and vibhuti says tat I have seen yours only and she gets very angry and says so tat u mean because of me u get bad dreams and vibhuti says tat y r uu fighting so early morning and asks her wats the time she says its 8am and leaves and vibhuti thinks tat he has heard an early morning dream comes true many a times and runs to see if anguri has not left the house and he continuously rangs the bell anguri comes hurriedly and opens the door and asks wats wrong vibhuti and he asks u r in real anguri and she says yes I am anguri and vibhuti gets very happy.

vibhuti tells anguri tat he saw a dream tat u r going to leave this place so I got scared and anguri says well I m leaving and vibhuti asks wat and she says for a month I m going to amajis place and vibhuti gets shocked listening to this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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