Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu says bhabhiji give me a hug,Anguri asks what,Vibhu says I’m joking nothing,Anita calls vibhu and he leaves,he asks Anita whats up,Anita asks why did you give me seat next to Tiwari,he is such bore person,let me sit with Anguri,vibhu says look Tiwari is scared too and if I sit with him we will fight,Anita says ok ok and take care of Anguri,vibhu says sure I will,Tiwari says bhabhiji I was looking for your every where and you are here actually I wouldn’t be late happu Singh caught me,Anita says yes what wrong with happu Singh Vibhu he even handed you boarding passes and ran away,Vibhu asks forget him and where is anguriji, Anita says yes she already is so scared lets go near her

Tikka and tilu very happy at airport,malkhan says when will this aeroplane arrive,tikka says

will come soon may be stuck in traffic, tilu says look at girls here how beautiful and rush to her,Toni and boss arrive at airport,boss gets a call about work done, boss says good boy and says left side bathroom behind commode brown pouch lets go. Happu Singh with upset stomach walks to them and asks when will this place arrive they smell fart and leave,tikka malkhan and tilu walk to him,and tease him,happu runs to wash room again,saxena stops him and says you will miss flight come let’s go,happu say so can’t I have to go,saxena says you shouldnt miss flight,happu slaps him and leaves.

Pilot says hi to diya the attendant and flirts with her, Divya greeting everyone,tikka malkhan and tilu walk in,she says namaste go take your seat all three rush for window seat,attendant says your boarding passes have your seat numbers please be seated accordingly,pilot calls co pilot and he says I can’t come my wife locked me in toilet.
Saxena walks in and speaks English with attendant ,she says oh no I don’t understand English,Saxena says I like it and gets in,tikka malkhan and Tilu say to attendant we entered flight first we want window seats,She says this is plane and not local train,saxena says excuse them they are traveling for first time,help them out,attendant says sure.

Attendant welcomes Anguri and Vibhu and says hello sir enjoy with you wife,Vibhu blushes,Anguri says no he isn’t look he is my husband,attendant checks seat numbers and assigns accordingly,tikka and malkhan fight for window seat, tilu says see its 12 hours flight lets seat turn by turn.

Anguri says I shall take window seat,Vibhu says sure,Saxena greets Vibhu and Anguri,Vibhu says Saxena you will bore me go sit behind,Saxena says and what about you,even you will irritate my bhabhi,Vibhu slaps him,saxena says I like it.

Divya welcomes Tiwari and says enjoy with your sister,Anita laughs and leaves,Tiwari says she is my bhabhiji and starts fighting with divya,Anita says how will she know it’s just a blunder come in,Tiwari asks attendant can we have corner seats,Anita says it’s a plan and not a theatre to have corner seats.

Pelu is in first class,Tiwari says bhabhiji look There airport,Anita says we are already at airport,Vibhu says baby careful he is very irritating,Tiwari says I’m worried you will irritate Anguri,Anita says stop it you two,Tiwari says bhabhiji have I ever irritated you tell me,Anita says right now your are doing it,Vibhu says well said I love you for that,and says bhabhiji are you scared,Anguri says no I’m not,Vibhu says if you get scared don’t hesitate hold my hand,Tiwari says I heard plane shakes a little,when it hits the clouds,anita says off course it does,Tiwari says I may have an heart fail,Anita says nothing of this will happen be brave.

Vibhu says bhabhiji don’t hesitate at all when plane takes off hold my hand,saxena says let the plane take off stop irritating her,vibhu slaps him.
Saxena says I like it being slapped in aeroplane,Toni and boss get in the plane.Saxena says stop irritating my bhabhiji Vibhu bhaiya Vibhu slaps him,boss says why did you slap him,Vibhu says how does it bother you,boss says I’m asking out of concern,Vibhu says stay in your limits,Anita says Vibhu behave yourself,boss says it’s okay madam soon he will be in my feet begging me to forgive him,Vibhu says in my foot you stammerer,happu Singh gets in the plane ,he asks Divya is there enough water on flight,she says yes uncle,happu walks in and asks for bathroom,attendant says flight will take off now you can’t use it,happu says look I’m not in state now,Tiwari says happu stop bother us,behave yourself,happu says shutup and takes his seat in between Toni and boss.

Tilu teases happu.divya makes announcement,she calls Saxena to help her read the instructions. Anguri says I don’t wear belt how can I,Vibhu says let me tell you she is talking about safety belt,Anita sees Tiwari messing around, and asks what are you doing,Tiwari says look like low quality belt,Anita says let me help you and helps him out,Tiwari happy and thanks her.vibhu helps Anguri.

Divya gives rubbish instructions,Saxena rolls his eyes,Vibhu says she is intern talks rubbish,Divya says below seat there is kisan,Anguri asks what is it,Vibhu says she is saying cushion.divya says swim using cushion,Anguri says but I can’t swim,vibhu says don’t worry I will help you,Anguri says you are so helping,Vibhu says I’m always your,happu couldn’t control and poops in plane.

The plane takes off,Tiwari says Anita bhabhi I’m so scared,Anita says quite and enjoy the take off,Vibhu asks arenyour scared bhabhiji,Anguri says I’m enjoying and it’s so excited,Vibhu says it’s strange,Saxena says why is it bothering you,Vibhu slaps him again,tikka says we are in air wow,Vibhu says look we are in skies,Anguri says look I can see our colony,Vibhu says its whole Kanpur,Anita says Tiwariji you are such a coward look down it’s so beautiful,Tiwari says I can’t I get scared.attendant says now you can open seat belts and use washrooms.

Happu Singh rushes to the washroom,Toni says boss he went to the bathroom gun is in,boss says you fool go stand outside the bathroom before anyone else goes.

Pre cap : Anita enjoying snow fall,Tiwari dancing with her. Vibhu dancing with Anguri.
Divya slaps malkhan for flirting with her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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