Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu at night and anguri is chasing him around the tulsi plant. Vibhu says don’t do this and I don’t like this behavior of yours and you have become so wild and teasing me. Vibhu runs away home and locks the door and goes in room. He sleeps and starts shivering, anita says what happened and Again you are shivering and let me sleep as the whole bed is shaking. Anita sleeps annoyed, vibhu sleeps scared.
Next day vibhu goes to tea stall and he is having tea there disturbed. He says how can bhabhi do this and why is she teasing me and her character has changed completely. Tika and malkhan come saying whose character has changed completely? Vibhu says nothing of your work and says its just about people I am speaking. Tiwari comes and sits beside vibhu and says

what happened to you jobless guy? Vibhu says shut up and because of men like you women are spoilt and troubling and teasing other men. Tiwari says what did I do? Happu singh comes and says that I am disturbed more than you all. Tiwari says you only take bribe and how are you disturbed? Happu says because the complaints of eve teasing have increased and a lot of people are being teased nowadays. Tiwari says tika and malkhan are the biggest culprits of this and take them. Happu singh tells that instead now eve teasing of men is happening more and women are doing it. Vibhu looks and is scared and shocked to hear this. Happu says that just day before 2-3 men told that a woman teases them at night and its shocking. Vibhu gets up thinking in ind anguri is doing with other men too, he throws the cup of tea and goes away.
At home anguri says I shouldn’t have done this with vibhu but for tiwari I have to do this. Tiwari comes and says how are you and says I was just saved. Anguri says what happened? Tiwari tells while I was coming aman was selling a cow and I thought of buying it but it was priced high so I did not, and as I left after walking 10 steps a lightning fell on the cow and that man and I was just saved. Anguri says oh my god and are you fine and tiwari says yes and goes. Anguri says this has happened because if did tease vibhu and so tiwari was saved and I should tell this to mom. Anguri calls mom and tells her everything and mom says that it is good and tiwari was saved and today be more naughty and tease that vibhu more. Anguri says okay.
At night vibhu is disturbed and is in hall and is talking to himself and says anguri has changed and is also teasing more men. Anita comes and says lets romance, vibhu shouts at her and says you are always asking for romance and I have other work too and I am tensed but still you want to romance in a room. Anita says what more did I ask? Vibhu says shut up and I am more disturbedbecause of you, anita says get lost. Vibhu says please don’t send me out and I will sleep in kitchen but don’t throw me out, anita says get lost, vibhu goes. Out he goes and is about to sleep when anguri whistles and says you are my darling and come here and drink this desi beer. Vibhu says oh my god and don’t do this, anguri removes knife and says to him to do what she says. Vibu is scared but says I have to do this and you have become an eve teaser. Vibhu drinks and become drunk. Anguri tells him to do mujra for her. Pelu puts a song and vibhu dances mujra and pelu records everything.
Next day at tea stall, the video goes viral and everyone is laughing as they watch the video.
At home next morning tilu comes and anguri tells him sit here I willbring breakfast and she tells tiwari has gone for a bath. Anguri goes in kitchen and tilu says this tiwari baths once in 15 days so ofcourse it must be taking time and this smell must be his dirt only. Tiwari comes after bath and suddenly trips and falls on tilu.

Precap: anguri has put vibhu on knife point at night and making him dance, tiwari sees all this from his balcony and is stunned.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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