Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: tiwari spoils vibhutis image.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anguri singing and watering plants,Vibhu walks to her and Narrates a shayari,Anguri doesn’t understand a word,tiwari walks to them and asks why are you troubling her,Vibhu says excuse me we were having conversation,Anguri says yes we were,tiwari says go in dear,tiwari says cheap thief,Vibhu says no one respects you,tiwari says oh please no one respects you jobless man,Anu walks to them and asks what’s wrong,tiwari says even she doesn’t respect you,anu says Tiwariji world may not respect him but I do,Vibhu says baby I love you,anu says come now there’s lot of work home,and both leave,tiwari says I will make you relay for this.

Tikka Tilu malkhan at tea stall,Gulfamkali walks and they eve tease her,she greets them,tikka says you made our day,Gulfamkali says really.and why did

you stop continue teasing me,and all start dancing on a song.they corner Gulfamkali, Vibhu sees that and slaps boys,tikka asks why did you slap us,Vibhu says how dare you eve tease a women,Tilu says how does that bother you,Vibhu slaps them again,they leave,Gulfamkali says how sweet of you and gets close to him,tiwari sees them,Vibhu says I would any women in this place and stay in your limits and leaves.

Tiwari says hello Gulfamkali I need a favour,she says you no I don’t work for free, tiwari says this is half malnutrition and remaining after work done,she says done.vibhu reading newspaper,Gulfamkali goes from behind and hugs him,Vibhu thinks it’s anu and says baby today very romantic and sees Anu and says if you are here who is behind,and says Gulfamkali,Gulfamkali says hi dear and you said she isn’t home,Vibhu says Anu she is lying,tiwari says and you what are you doing,and see bhabhiji he is so cheap,anu says I hate you,Vibhu says baby I’m innocent someone is playing games with me,anu says you are playing games with me and leaves.

Anguri on call says yes Amaji I’m in bad mood,I dreamt Vibhuti is having affair with Gulfamkali and don’t worry that won’t happen because he just Anita,Vibhu walks in and says that’s truth but some people are behind my character,tiwari walks and says cheater man, Anguri asks what’s wrong,tiwari tells Anguri about Gulfamkali,Vibhu says he is lying,Anguri says you are a cheater,my dream came true and don’t you say a word and don’t talk to me go away and leaves,tiwari says this house belongs to people of good character get out and pushes him out and kicks him,

Vibhu says this Tiwari I won’t leave him,Happu walks to him and says whole Kanpur is calling you a cheat,Vibhu says oh please you don’t tell me,tikka Tilu and malkhan come there and says how cheap characterless,Happu says how dare you,Tilu says we aren’t talking about you but this Vibhuti,even our character is questioned because of him now,Vibhu says oh really,tikka says yes whole Kanpur knows what we are and now whole Kanpur knows what you have done and how you cheated,Vibhu goes and slaps them.

Tiwari waiting for Gulfamkali,she comes and hugs him,tiwari says don’t,and now here listen,I had promised 10000 and had given five here remaining 5,Gulfamkali says you are a man of business,Vibhu sees them and thinks what is this Tiwari doing with her ,Gulfamkali goes close to him and Vibhu records it.tiwari says I lost 10000 but it was worth.gulfamkali goes and gigs Tiwari,he says Anguri darling,how come your romantic and free at this hour,Anguri shouts Tiwari what all is this,tiwari asks who is she then,Gulfamkali you,Vibhu and Anita walks in,Vibhu says bhabhiji he has an affair with her,Anu says he is right and Vibhu has proofs,Vibhu shows Anguri video,Anguri says I won’t talk to you,tiwari says this isn’t true,Gulfamkali tell the truth,she says why won’t you,anu says speak up Tiwari.

Tiwari says I wanted to teach Vibhuti lesson and to spoil his image I did this,Vibhu says and got caught in his own trap,tiwari says I’m sorry Anguri, angrui says don’t apologisers me,apologise to him,tiwari says I’m sorry Vibhuti.vibhuti says I’m a topper and you just a kid keep that in mind.

Tikka says malkhan why are we sent here by god,malkhan says to tease girls here,tikka hits him and says are you mad,all life we will do this,malkhan says that’s our fate,a girl walks to them and says I’m new here,and I don’t have friends and want to make some good friends,tikka says we are good boys,and you won’t get any good boys like us,she says is it,tikka says yes when we were born doctor said you have good boys born in your house.

She slaps them and says do I look like a fool,tikka says every girl is a fool ,she says but I’m not,I’m inspector pinky phogat and I have charge of this area now and there’s a complain lodged that you eve tease girls,malkhan says not they tease us,she says shut up come to police station now.

Pre cap : Meenal says Anita you and Vibhu opt for the couple competition in my organisation and if you win you shall win 5 lakhs,anu says now I shall show case my chemistry with Vibhu.vibhu anu and Tiwari Anguri fear with practice for the competition.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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