Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri having a flower and is singing song jaan leejiye in bedroom. Tiwari comes and says what happened devi? Anguri says don’t call me devi, Tiwari says then should I call you sreedevi? Anguri says yes call that if you want. Tiwari says no only bonee can call that. Anguri says then call me pagli. Tiwari says that will be against my manners, anguri says today I am in a different mood. Tiwari gets scared and says what mood? Anguri says today I am in a romantic mood and I want to romance with you a lot. Tiwari gets up and says I am sorry I cant. Anguri says today mom said that it’s a good time for romance so we will have a kid later. Tiwari says I am sorry but this is a house and I cant do anything like that in the house, Tiwari goes. Anguri is angry and she sleeps.

day in kitchen, anguri is there and vibhu comes. Vibhu says adaab. Anguri says yes adaab. Vibhu says how are you? Anguri says fine. Vibhu says adaab again, anguri says adaab and says will you keep on saying adaab? Vibhu says no actually I came here to invite you and Tiwari for lunch today. Anguri says oh nice and we both will come. Anguri says by the way what is there in lunch today? Vibhu says that we will know when we open the box.
At lunch in vibhus lawn, anita says wow you made so much lunch and I did not see. Vibhu says yes I made. Anita says I will see what you made and goes to open it, vibhu stops her and says no the guests will open and not us and please wait. Tiwari and anguri come and sit. They say adaab and pranam. Anita says before they start their civilized knowledge I will start the lunch, anita says so come on lets eat and she goes to open the box. Vibhu says no wait and Tiwari will open as they are the guests. Tiwari says no I will not as it is against our manners and once at lord rams house, lord ram himself served everyone. Vibhu says once in 1245 a Mongolian king asked the gust to open the food and they did so you will start now. Anita and anguri are fed up. Anguri says I will only open, Tiwari stops her and says no you cant as you are my wife and also a guest so vibhu will only open. Anita says forget it I am opening, vibhu says no even you are the woman of the house and only men can open but I will not as Tiwari will. Anguri gets fed up and walks away angrily. Tiwari goes behind. Anita says so you spoilt it again? And now I will see who stops me from opening the box, anita opens and there is actually no food. Vibhu looks elsewhere.
There at tika and malkhans house, they have tied up masterji and say first teach us how to be civilized. Malkhan says at least open him up dumb. Masterji says I will obviously teach you both but first open me. Tika opens and says yes masterji teach us and takes his blessings. By then masterji says yes I will teach you and removes his stick.
At night Tiwari and vibhu meet on street at vibhus lawn. Vibhu says adaab, Tiwari says pranam. Vibhu says my wife anita is sad from my civilized behavior, Tiwari says same thing at my house. Saxena comes and says so you both acting civilized? Tiwrai vibhu say yes we are. Saxena says oh shut up and I don’t believe this being civilized and all and the civilized attitude that you are showing for the money is not at all in you and you both are completely characterless, useless, dogs and are not worth being given even a rupee. Vibhu says sir can I remove all my civilized manner in one slap? Saxena says sure, vibhu and Tiwari slap him and saxena says double impact, I like it and goes. Vibhu then says to Tiwari that I want to remove my arrogance and I feel like removing arrogance a lot and can I tell you in ears? Tiwari says yes only In ears otherwise someone will listen and the 5 lakh will slip out of our hands. Vibhu says come here and says abusive language in tiwaris ears, Tiwari is shocked, Tiwari says now me. He says abusive language in vibhus ears. Vibhu says you spoilt my ears anyway good night. He goes and Tiwari goes too.
Next day at tea stall, tika comes running and crying and masterji is beating him with stick and says you blo*dy rascal you tied me and you will never learn civilized and shove it up somewhere. Happu singh comes and saves tika and says don’t do this masterji and he is an innocent kid and leave him. Masterj abuses angrily and goes. Tika is crying and says I just wanted to learn being civilized and teach me. Happu says okay wait I will tell you and is saying when the same girl comes and smashes cake in happu singhs face. Tika asks her whenever he is talking about civilized why do you smash a cake? Girl says because he is not civilized and is just acting and once I went to report a complaint but instead he started teasing me. Girl goes. Tika says so this is civilized?
At vibhus home vibhu Tiwari and happu are there drinking coffee and anita and anguri are there. They switch on the television. Happu says lets drink beer instead, anguri says where did your civilized manners go and today is the result and you forgot it all? Vibhu says sorry from him and he just flowed. Happu says I had to suppress my arrogance but now I wont. The reporter says wait and listen, he says so you know our local politican ateermamu and he organized this program and also the money for the winner but now he was only caught teasing his secretary and is in jail now so the program is over and no one will get money. Vibhu what the hell? Tiwari says this is all because of your unluckiness vibhu. Vibhu says just get out both of you and you both characterless men, vibhu pushes them out of the house. Anita says to anguri see they came back and they both laugh.

Precap: vibhu comes as a baba at anguris house and tells her tiwaris kundli has bad days. Anguri is shocked and says what do I do? Vibhu says take him in the street and beat him with 25 chappals.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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