Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tilu telling vibhu that anita has taken kanpur on her head and that yesterday they again saw her dance with that man. Tiwari and vibhu feel angry but they leave tilu. Tilu goes. Vibhu cries and says anita is cheating him and what should he do? Tiwari says he will help him. Tiwari tells he will give him 50000 rupees and go and tell as i say. Vibhu says i will never forget this help from him.
At home vibhu goes and tells anita that he is very happy today . Anita asks why is he happy and tell me also. Vibhu says he has got a job at gupta kharbhandar and they have given me 50000 rupees in advance. Anita gets very happy and says she is really happy today and says that is amazing. Vibhu says yes they met me and told that they were searching for a similar person

like me so they took me as a manager. Anita says that is good abd she is happy today and then she asks when are you starting for the job? Vibhu says 2 months later. Anita asks why? Vibhu tells that they have just started and so they told me to come 2 months later. Anita says anyways i am happy today. Vibhu tells anita that all our problems will go and even you wont have to work. Anuta gets happy and says she will give him a lot of love today.
At night anita and vibhu are sleeping. Vibhu gets up and tries to wake anita but she does not wake up. Vibhu calls tiwaru and tells that now everything is fine and anita has not gone now. Tiwari says thats good and it is because of the money.
Vibhu goes and sleeps again. At late night anita gets a call and she tells that she will come. She goes in the bathroom to change her dress. Vibhu gets up and cries and says that anita has gone out of his hand and she is going again. He calls tiwari and anguri also gets up. Tiwari tells what happened? Vibhu criea and tells anita is going again and she has not changed. Tiwari tells why is anita doing this? Vibhu tells today he will kill that man who has changed anita and you too come down. Tiwari says ok and tells anguri lets go.
Anita who has come down goes and sits in the car. Vibhu comes and shouts loudly and tells anita to stop. Anita says vibhu what are you doing here? Anita goes and removes that man out and starts hitting him. Tiwari and anguri also come. Anita tells vibhu to stop he will get hurt but vibhu says you shut up and i will talk to you at home and let me see him now. Tiwari also comes and starts hitting that man. Then anita tells them to stop and tells them to listen what actually is happening. Anguri says yes lets listen to anita. Anita then tells she was actually going for a film shooting and not to dance all around everynight. Vibhu looks at tiwari. Anita tells her friend is a struggling director and wanted to make a movie so she is acting for him for free and she did not tell him because he would spread it everywhere and if happu singh knew then he would not let them shoot because they did not have permission and were doing it at night. Vibhu says oh. Then the friend comes and says yes i was shooting the film and then vibhu tells sorry to anita. Tiwari also says sorry. Then friend tells that he recorder all this drama and this will be his films climax. Everyone get happy. They all go.
In the morning anita comes down and sees that the hall is decorated with baloons and roses and a cake is kept on the table. Vibhu comes with a rose and says i love you. Anita says no you dont and you wouldnt have doubted me then. He says he is very sorry for that and will not do it again. Then he says its valentines day and forget it. Anita says do 3 sitsups. Vibhu does three and then anita forgives him. At home anguri comes down and the hall is decorates with baloons and roses and a cake is there on the table. She asks tiwari what is all this? Tiwari says its valentines day and everyyear couples celebrate it for their love life. Anguri says she doesnt want to celebrate it becuase he doubted anita and what if she also shoots a film tomorrow and he does same with her. Tiwari says he will not and he will instead make a bhojpuri film starring both of them. Anguri becomes happy and then they romance. Outside a song plays on the tape. Anita vibhu and tiwari anguri dance on the song tu hai and get romantic.

Precap: tiwari says he will check today if anita loves him or not. Tiwari is standing in front of anitas house and talks with a woman and says i know you are my lover but not now. Anita says disgusting and goes. Tiwari says she is jealous. At home tiwari tells that same woman to go and not disturb him. Anguri listens to all this and thinks who is this woman?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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