Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mom coming home. she calls anguri and is sweaty. Anguri comes happy and says is everything fine? Mom says yes because of pandit ramfal our life is good. Anguri says yes its because of him. Mom says anyway I should say pandit ramfal called me yesterday at night 12am and I got worried as it was late but after listening to his voice I felt nice. He worries for Tiwari so he was sitting with his kundli and he said that in a year and a half tiwaris business will reach to its heights. Anguri says that’s very good news. Mom says yes but he said that you have to feed 3 beggars everyday for 1 and half years and give them 3 times food. Anguri says yes I will do it. mom says okay and put the lunch, anguri says okay.
At anitas house tiara goes. Anita welcomes him. Tiwari

sits and says I was at jhaparkati and when I tell you this news you will be so red you wont believe. Anita says what happened tell me? Tiwari says I was at jhaparkati and your grooming classes students were there giving food to beggars and they gave 50rs to each beggar. Anita says that’s nice as we organized it. Tiwari says no not that, but even vibhu was sitting there with the beggars eating food and even he took 50rs from one of your student. Anita says what and he sat with those beggars and what must those students be thinking of me now. Tiwari says yes and I am worried for your respect and vibhu lowered it all. Vibhu comes and sits. Anita says where were you? Vibhu says at jhaparkati I saw your students giving chole rice and I like it. anita says so you sat with the beggars and ate it and even took 50rs. Vibhu says so what? Your student insisted me to take the money and I couldn’t deny so I had to take it. anita says take it? and they were laughing you lowered my respect. Vibhu says whats the big deal? Tiwari says the big deal is that anita has still kept you with her even though you are jobless. Vibhu says you shut up. Anita says he is right and get lost now. Vibhu says what? Anita says read my lips and get lost. vibhu goes.
At tea stall, tika and malkhan are crying and saying we don’t have house and owner removed us. They both are crying. Malkhan tells tika owner removed us because of you and why did you eye on his daughter? Tika says we had not paid the rent since 10 months too so don’t blame me as even you eyed on her earlier. Malkhan and tika cry. Happu singh comes and sits and says what happened why are you both crying? Tika says we don’t have house and our owner removed us. Happu says yeah right had to happen. Malkhan says don’t say that and we don’t have a house now. Tika comes and sits beside happu singh and says listen can you let us stay at your house for some days? Happu says get lost I don’t have space. Malkhan says how much space do you need? And your wife is in village romancing with someone else. Happu gets up and slaps them and goes.
At home anguri is sitting and saying from where will I get 3 needy people? Vibhu comes and sits. Anguri welcomes him. Vibhu says again my wife anita who has a lot of attitude already removed me from the house and now I don’t know where to sleep and eat. Anguri says what? So you need food? And you are in need of help now? Vibhu says yes. Anguri says that’s nice. Vibhu says how can you say nice to someone who is suffering so much and does not have a roof to live now. Anguri says I mean I have to do a solution given to me by pandit ramfal and I have to feed 3 needy people 3 times a day for 1 and a half year. Vibhu says that’s nice I will be here then. Anguri says I need 2 more. From door tika and malkhan come and say we both are here and we have been removed from our house by owner. Anguri says nice so we have 3 beggars now, vibhu tika and malkhan look at each other. Anguri says I mean needy.
Later tika malkhan and vibhu are eating food as anguri serves them. Tika says give me more puri, anguri gives them more puris and says take as much as you want. Tika burps. Anguri stands away. Tiwari comes and says what is this stupidity going on? And why are you giving these 3 useless people food? Anguri says pandit ramfal said if I feed 3 needy people for 1 and half year 3 times and day and give them 50rs then your business will reach heights. Tiwari says shut up and feeding them and giving money will make us poor. Vibhu says to anguri that see Tiwari is insulting 3 needy people at your house and you are not saying anything? Tika burps again. Anguri says see Tiwari don’t disturb me and I want to do this otherwise I will call mom. Tiwari gets angry. Tika burps again. Tiwari screams and goes. Anguri gives the money.
At night anita is sleeping and she says vibhu get up. Then she gets up and sees vibhu has not yet come. She says what happened and he has not yet come? What if I said get lost, doesn’t mean he should have taken it so seriously. Anita says many times I have removed him from the house but he comes in evening but why didn’t he come? Anita says I will check lawn if he is sleeping there. Anita goes in balcony and sees vibhu playing cards wit tika and malkhan in between the street and they have made a tent there. Anita says what is this vibhu? Vibhu says are you talking to me? Anita says yes and now don’t act too much and come home. vibhu says what home and which home? anita says why are you doing this and it is making me angry come home. vibhu says we poor people always make you rich people angry. Anita says shut up and come otherwise I will break your head. Vibhu says we poor people already have our fates broken and your rich want to break our heads too? Anita says what is this poor and rich? And I am angry and get lost from here and remove that stupid tent of yours from there. Vibhu gets up in anger and tika and malkhan too.

Precap: anita says I am angry and vibhu hasn’t come and there is so many work left in the house and I am also missing him. Tiwari says if you are missing vibhu I can take his place. Anita says nice idea. There Tiwari is sweeping floor and vibhu tika and malkhan on street say see a new servant has come and work properly. They laugh and twiari gets angry.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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