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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,hapu singhs starts his scooter and leaves and vibhuti says to anguri tat even i will leave anita is waiting for tea she drinks morning tea made by me and he leaves
Anita is watching news the news reader tells tat there is a man who calls himself Tisri adalat a man who saves ladies who are in problem and he has kept drop boxes when a lady in problem puts a chit in a it her case is solved by this tisri adalat at the very next day and anita jumps in happiness tat wow wat a man is he i really want to meet him and tiwari listens all this standing at door and then he comes in and says to anita tat it is possible and anita asks how and tiwari tells tat as u know he has kept a drop box in our colony too u write a chit tat vibhuti is a bad husband and troubles u and

see that tisri adalat will come to hit vibhuti and u will get to meet him and anita gets very angry and says tat it is a very bad idea vibhuti is a very nice husband he always listens to me and infact sometimes i make him do more work and then she says its just a bad idea and tiwari says tat ok u just write a letter and when he comes u tell him tat vibhuti is a nice husband and u will get a chance to meet him and then anita says tats not bad idea but wat if he hits him and tiwari murmurs then it will be nice for me and anita again asks wat are u saying i cant understand and then tiwari says tat i was saying after seeing u he will become ur fan and call u sister as for him all the ladies are like his sisters and then anita says its really a good idea i will write him tomorrow and tiwari says tat it is always better to do u r work right now and then she goes to bring pen and paper
Tiwari goes home and thinks tat wat if i was a hero like tisri adalat anita bhabhi would be my fan and he imagnes himself as hero tisri adalat and anita sings a song for him and his bravery and then he decides to play a trick on vibhuti this time and let him suffer and then tika and malkhan are seen teasing a girl on road while they go anita comes and drop a chit in the tisri adalat drop box and gets happy and goes home
Tiwari then goes to anguri and she is on terrace folding the dried clothes and then tiwari gives her surprise and shows her a box and she opens it and gets happy to see the ek mukhi rudraksh and she says thanks to tiwari while he says tat its for anita bhabhi i heard her talking to her friend tat she wanted one so i brought it for her and anguri gets upset and gives it back to him and then tiwari remover another one from the pocket and gives her and says i was joking this is for u i have brought it from one of my friend from Nepal and then he asks anguri to cal anita bhabhi at home and give this but on phone don’t tell her tat wat the gift is and ask her to come alone and don’t bring vibhuti and anguri takes tiwaris phone and makes a call
Anita is reading a magazine and vibhuti come with green tea for her and she gets a call and receives it vibhutiis going uo he hears tat its call from anguri he then sits beside anita and anguri tells tat she has a special gift for u and she has to come home and take it and asks her not to bring vibhuti and then hungs up and anita says tat i m going to anguris house and vibhuti says tat i will come and she says know anguri has asked me not to bring u and then she leaves anita comes and anguri gives her the rudraksh and tells tat tiwari brought it for both of us from one of his nepals friend and she says thank you so much and then tiwari says i will be back i have some work and asks anguri to give the sweet khir wit dry fruits to anita bhabhi and he goes out and locks the door from outside and then he calls vibhuti and asks him to come out as he wants to talk to him vibhuti gets irritated and comes out and asks wat y haveu called me here and then tiwari says just to chit chat and asks how r u and then they hear horses sound and they turn and see while inside anita has the sweet and tells anguri tat it was delicious and anguri says i will teach u one day while anita says tat its better u teach it to vibhuti he will cook and sereve me and they also hear the sound of horse and anita gets happy and runs towards the door to see the tisri adalat and then the tisri adalat come and asks tiwari ,vibhuti tat who is vibhuti mishra and and tiwari points at hhim and he goes near tisri adalat and the tisri adalat hits him very badly and anita hears it and says y is the door locked and anguri and anita knock th door to tiwari and asks him to open the door and they hear the voice of vibhuti yelling and tiwari enjoys these vews and after tisri adalat leaves he goes and opens the door

Doctor is giving injections to vibhuti for his injuries and vibhuti is yelling pain Doctor gives him medicines and then he says u take it as prescribed and then happu singh says let me do my work now and he asks vibhut his full name and vibhuti says asrani and says r u joking with me don’t u know my name and then anita says ok ok u write vibhuti ahuti narayan mishra happu singh writes it and asks wats ur skin color fair or dark dusky and vibhuti then again gets irritated and says cant u see tat i m fair and anita then says ok leave it write fair and then doctor says to vibhuti i would like to ask y did tisri adalat hit u and turns to anita and says has bhabhi ji u wrote a chit to him saying tat vibhuti troubles u and anita looks at tiwari and both keep mum on it and vibhuti thinks on it

Vibhuti gets to know tat it was tiwari who did all this and then he decides tat now he will teach a lesson to tiwari and enjoy seeing him hit by tisri adalat and quietly he puts a chit in the drop box and saxena sees it and says i like it and continues reading paper.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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