Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu getting up and starting in front of balcony. Anita starts romancing on song kya karu raam Buddha milgaya. There Tiwari sees this and says how is she romancing with this old fag.? Anita is singing, there Tiwari is confused and angry. Anita and vibhu romance. Tiwari says I never thought anita will be such a woman. Tiwari goes down and says I should have died before seeing this. Tiwari says I will tell vibhu about this, he calls him. Anita is playing with vibhus hair, vibhu picks the cal. Tiwari tells vibhu where are you now? He says he iw with his mom, Tiwari says your dad is dancing with anita, vibhu says I know and let me sleep. Tiwari keeps phone and says what type of family is this?
Next day vibhu goes as dad in front of anguri in the lawn. He says

good morning Bhabhi, anguri says yes good morning. Saxena comes and takes vibhus blessings. Vibhu as dad says yes I give you blessing, saxena says I have a question, vibhu says ask, saxena says when vibhu was born what did u eat that he is such a useless and characterless man, vibhu says go away, saxena says I have another question and is vibhu the only fault in your familyor does characterless attitude run in your blood? Vibhu slaps him and says did u get the answer? Saxena says yes the entire family is characterless, he goes. Vibhu then says to anguri that how are you Bhabhi? Tiwari comes and says go away, vibhus says you are so rude and have attitude, Tiwari says go now and do your work. Vibhu goes saying what a useless man. Anguri says he is my friend now, Tiwari scolds her, anguri goes. Tiwari says this old fag is romancing with anita and flirting with my wife too.
Tiwari goes to anita at home and says how are you feeling? Anita says I am fine, Tiwari says and don’t u miss vibhu? Anita says no and he is here with me, Tiwari says what? Anita says I mean in my thoughts, Tiwari says yesterday I saw at your house that someone was singing song, anita is scared and says vibhus dad listens to song before sleeping, Tiwari says you were dancing with him and singing, anita says yes so and our thoughts are different than yours and you are village people, Tiwari says that man looks a little characterless. Anita says why do u doubt people always and your thoughts are bad. Tiwari goes.
At tea stall, tika malkhan are playing cards vibhu as dad goes and says what are you doing and this is not the place of playing cards. Tika malkhan say that we are not hurting anyone, vibhu slaps them, tika and malkhan say they atleast earn money and vibhu named guy in their town doesn’t even earn and go hit him. Vibhu again slaps them and says why do u always tease jobless people? Tika and malkhan say are you his dad? Vibhu says yes, tika malkhan get up and say sorry and tell sit down. Vibhu sits. Then he says I know he is jobless but ignore and why do u people tease him, happu singh says vibhu is jobless then what will we say? Vibhu says I have heard about you and you are the most corrupt police man here and why do u say jobless and its good that my son is jobless and not like you. Happu says forget that and I help people and give me your blessings, vibhu says have you seen your face in the mirror and you look like a pig. Happu says why do u insult me, vibhu says get lost. happu goes. Tika and malkhan says you did a good thing.
There anita and vibhu are standing near a rickshaw. Anita says good idea you made and we will go out with anguri, anguri and Tiwari come, anguri says we will enjoy. Vibhu says to Tiwari we will eat outside. They 3 go. Tiwari is very angry and says which dad does this with his daughter in law and my wife too. The man comes and asks Tiwari where is vibhu and he has to give me 50000rs. Tiwari said if he was here I would have bashed him. Tiwari calls vibhu. There vibhu picks up call, Tiwari says that your dad is eating pani puri with my wife and anita. vibhu says so what and I am happy, Tiwari says how come are you happy. Vibhu says don’t disturb and I am eating pani puri with my mom and he keeps the phone. Tiwari screams.

Precap: anita tells vibhu you are such a jobless and first go find some work. There anguri says I should start working as I will help earn money and remove tiwaris loan. Vibhu says we will do a business and you wash clothes at peoples house and I will iron them. Anguri says that’s a nice idea and they both shake hands.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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