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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mom coming and says anguri see who has come. Anguri comes and is happy and takes blessings. Mom is with panditji. They sit. Mom says where is Tiwari? Anguri says he is at the shop. Mom says pandit ramfal has sent this pandit. Pandit says that your kundli has become good and your life will be good so do some donations as good moments have been written in your kundli. Anguri says yes I will donate a lot and I will bring breakfast. She goes in.
Outside grooming classes anita is there and she says there is no auto anywhere and its so hot too. Tiwari comes in an auto and tells driver to stop. He tells anita to come and they will go together. Anita sits says good she met him as there was no auto. As they go Tiwari says see there is gola and lets eat. Suddenly beggar

comes and asks for 500rs as he is hungry. Tiwari says get lost. then he stops him and says you are mittal and you sued to be a millionaire and how did you become a beggar? He says yes I used to be but give me money I will tell you. Tiwari gives him 1000rs. Mittal says I was just like you and anyone asked for 500rs I used to give 1000 and like that became beggar. Tiwari says lets go and as they go Tiwari takes the money again.
At lawn anguri is watering plants and vibhu comes. Anguri is singing and vibhu says I am waiting when you will show you dance moves. Anguri says what? Vibhu says nothing and nowadays I am on a job and earning a lot of money. Anguri says I know you are poor and you are hiding it and wait take this gold chain Tiwari gave it to me and keep it and I have made halwa for you I will bring it. happu singh comes and says whose chain have you taken and come with me to police station. Anguri comes and says I have given it to him and don’t take him. Happu says sorry. Anguri says you should help poor and give him money right now. Happu gives vibhu 10rs. Vibhu says that’s what you are worth. Anguri gives vibhu halwa and he eats it and goes.
At home anita says bring coffee for me. Vibhu says the gas is finished. Anita says but last month I bought 1 cylinder. Vibhu says its been 2 months and a cylinder in our house lasts for only 1 month. Anita says but we are only 2 people and why is that? and you waste gas. Vibhu says oh please shut up and you drink coffee 10 times a day and it takes 5 minutes for 1 time and 50 minutes of gas for 10 times and overall 1500minutes of gas for 30 days so you are the one who consumes almost all of the gas. Anita says okay don’t fight and go bring gas cylinder now. Vibhu says I cant as today is a holiday. Anita says oh my god yes it is and now what about dinner? Vibhu says lets order. Anita says no you know it doesn’t suit me and I have a sensitive stomach. Anita says what to do? Tiwari comes and anita welcomes. He sits. Anita says our gas has finished and I invite myself and vibhu to your house for dinner and can we come? Tiwari thinks anita doesn’t eat much but if we call vibhu he may eat a lot and I will not invite him. Tiwari tells yes for you our house door is opened always but not for vibhu. Anita says I will not come without vibhu. Tiwari says okay then bring him too and Tiwari is angry,
At night for dinner, the dining table has been dressed with all the food and plates. Anita and vibhu come. They enter and sit at the dining table. Anita and vibhu take the puri and bhaji and sweets in the plate. Tiwari thinks I told anguri to make dal and rice only but she made so much and says I should stop them now. Tiwari takes all the food from the table and anita and vibhus plate and tells you cant eat this as it is very oily and you are on diet and its not good for your stomach. Anguri says what are you doing and let them eat. Tiwari says no and its for their health and they will become fat. Anita and vibhu are insulted. Tiwari tells take this dal and rice. Anita and vibhu go away angrily. Anguri says what did you do and mom and pandit told me to give as much as I can as it will bring money in the house. Tiwari thinks money and smiles.
Next day Tiwari and anguri are donating everything fridge tv and a lot of things. Tika and malkhan come, Tiwari says take what you want. Tika and malkhan take the fridge. Saxena asks for shock and Tiwari gives him a 440 volt shock. Saxena says I like it and goes. Happu says give me bribe and nothing else. Anguri gives happu singh bribe and he is happy.anita and vibhu come and anita says I never saw this side of you Tiwari. Anguri tells vibhu take what you want. Anita says take the mop and our mop has become and old and it will be beneficial. Vibhu takes the mop. Mom and pandit come in auto, Tiwari and anguri say they donated as much they could even fridge and tv. Mom slaps Tiwari. Vibhu there laughs and says I like it. mom tells Tiwari that actually they had to be a miser and not donate everything and pandit ramfal has become old so he saw someone else’s kundli. Tiwari falls down unconscious from shock. Saxena tika and malkhan come. Vibhu throws the mop. Everyone clap.

Precap: anguri says to vibhu you know bipasha basu then call her. Bipasha basu and karan grover come. Everyone is dancing on a song with them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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