Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the man asking vibhuti who is actually a secret agent asks vibhuti does he have matchstick. Vibhuti says no n says that he doesn’t smoke n he advices him also not to smoke as smoking is injurious to health. He again asks do you have matchbox. Vibhuti says i said i dont have n why do u want it? He says i want to burn someone so i want it. He says i dont have it. He goes n angoori comes n says lets go. She is yet tensed to go with him. He says dont worry its a small candle light dinner. She says come at the door. He says yes n turns to go but again that secret agent comes. They both keep looking at each other for a minute. Then he again asks does he have matchstick. Vibhuti says that i have said it earlier also n says that he doesn’t smoke n he

advices him also not to smoke as smoking is injurious to health. He again asks do you have matchbox. Vibhuti says i said i dont have n why do u want it? He again says i want to burn someone so i want it. Vibhuti says do one thing go in some heater n go n burn that person there. Angoori comes n stands there n looks at them n wonders whats happening. The secret agent asks him who is he? Vibhuti says i am a secret agent n says that who are you. He asks vibhuti to show his ID Card if he is a secret agent. Vibhuti says our ID cards are also secret like us n days that eho are u n he says i am the true secret agent n that man twists his hand n clutches him n vibhuti gets scared n angoori is just looking n analysing as to what is happening. Vibhuti asks him to leave him. Angoori says whats happening. The secret agent says u just watch the drama. She says ok show the drama. The secret agent asks him to his id-card. Vibhuti says please dont tarnish my image infront of angoori. He twists it more n vibhuti gives his id card of Insurance agent. The secret agent says he is no secret agent but an Insurance agent. He shows hus card n says he is the real secret agent appointed by government to keep eye on such fraud people who trap innocent ladies. Vibhuti apologizes n says i wont do it again. That agents says ok n goes. Angoori looks at him angrily n goes from there.

Tiwari thinks that i should tell the truth to anita or my image will get tarnished infront of the media n kanpur. Tiwari gets down in anita’s legs n cries n says i am not a story writer. She says i know you are joking to avoid the press conference. He says no i am not n says i swear on angoori. She says everyone take wife’s false swear. She says stop your drama. He says that no i am not anokhe laal nirlaj n says i swear on ammaji n whole family. She says are you saying truth. He says yes. She says disgusting n says you are seriously shameless n asks him to sit up. He apologizes to her n says i am sorry i lied because i felt bad as the writer was insulted so i did this. She says disgusting. He sits up n then wipes his tears n says that can give tea or water. She stares at him angrily. He goes from there. He comes home n says today my lie was saved or i would have got insulted infront of kanpur today. Angoori comes n asks why? He says nothing because i was going to return my award. She gets glad n says that you are not returning award i am happy. Saxena comes n asks him to gives his award as the work at his house is done. She says this award is yours. He looks at tiwari n tiwari winks him to lie but he purposely doesnt n blurts out the truth that this is his award nhe is a story writer. He gives the award n he goes. Angoori looks at him n says ammaji says right that you are a bullock. She goes.

Next day, tiwari is talking to someone n says that get the ticket for angoori anyhow as she wants go to village. Vibhuti hears this n comes n pushes tiwari a bit n his phone falls down n vibhuti stamps his phone n breaks it. Tiwari shouts n says what did you do. He says you are sending angoori to village on diwali n he wont allow this to happen. He says that she cant go. Tiwari asks who is he to give permission. He says i am no one but he should keep angoori here for anita as she’ll need company. He goes from there. Tiwari says he is so weird n gets angry that he broke his expensive phone. Angoori is talking to ammaji on phone n tells her that she’ll come n says that tiwari is trying to book tickets n if he doesnt get tickets i ll come by taxi but i ll come. She says ok ok you come n vibhuti comes n sngoori says i ll keep the phone n keeps the phone n ammaji again drops a plate down n hides. Vibhuti asks why did you hide your phone. Angoori says because you broke tiwari’s phone. He says yes i broke because he is sending you too village on such a auspicious ocasssion where the lakshmi of the house should be there. She says no i am going by my will because here everyone bursts crackers n i am scared of it. He says i swear on you n says i wont let anyone burst crackers here n promises her n goes. She says i dont understand this vibhuti’s talks. She is doing puja of lakshmi n says that like this only she should keep her blessings on them n prays n santoshi maa n narad muni come.
Then santoshi maa serial actors promote their serial in angoori’s dream.

Precap:- Anita says i love crackers to tiwari. Vibhuti says to angoori that i promise that no one wll burst crackers here. Tika n malkhan burst crackers n vibhuti looks at them. He turns n calls out to her n sees down n finds her unconscious fallen down.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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