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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu coming out from house. he takes marbles and goes outside. Anita is hitting happu singh there. Happu singh runs down and falls from the balcony. Anita tells catch him vibhu. Vibhu catches and starts hitting him. Tiwari comes out with marbles. But anita tells he is a thief so tiwari also hits. Anguri comes out too. Vibhu tells her he is a thief and anguri also starts hitting. Tiwari tells stop and tells anguri to go and a thief will come in their house too. Anguri goes. The thief runs away after getting beaten. Anites tells vibhu come up. Vibhu says yes coming. Anita goes in. Tiwari asks vibhu what are you doing here? Vibhu tells he had a little gas. Vibhu asks tiwari what are you doing here? Tiwari tells he also had gas. Then tiwari says okay go i will also go.

They both go.
At late night vibhu comes and is putting the marbles in when tiwari comes and sees him and asks what are you doing and putting marbles? Vibhu says yes. Tiwari asks why? Vibhu tells that baba told that if i put it in the frontyard of a successful business man then i will become successful. Tiwari says okay good and go now. They both go. Tiwari now goes and puts marbles in vibhus frontyard. Vibhu sees and tells what are you doing and putting marbles in my frontyard? Tiwari says yes baba told if i put it in a handsome man’s frontyard then i will become smart and my shop will again be boosted. They say okay and go.
Next day anguri is in kitchen talking with mom. Mom tells tiwaris kundli has some problems and to remove it baba has told you to slap any man other than tiwari who comes in front of you. Anguri says what and should i say sorry after that? Mom says no. She keeps phone. Vibhu comes and asks how are you? Anguri slaps vibhu and goes. Vibhu is in shock and he says why did anguri slap me?
At home anita is taling with meenal and says in college everyone used to be scared of my pranks and i want to play a prank with someone now. Anita tells her i will do it with tiwari and she keeps the phone. Tiwari comes. Anita says what happened? Tiwari says nothing i just came. Anita starts insulting and scolding tiwari. Tiwari is shocked and anita tells get lost from here. Tiwari goes away crying. Anita laughs.
At the babas house. Vibhu is sitting and crying. Tiwari also comes and starts crying. They see each other. Then vibhu asks so your problem is not solved right? Tiwari says yes not solved and instead i lost the deal. Tiwari asks vibhu what about you? Vibhu starts crying and tells that even he failed and he did not get the job. Happu singh comes out and is hurt and his hand is fractured. Vibhu makes him sit and asks what happend to you? Happu singh tells he was hit by two thieves. Tiwari says what and what kind of policeman are you then and cany even protect the common man. Happu singh tells you shut up. Vibhu says you shut up and you cant do a single thing. Tiwari tells that yesterday we also hit a thief who was trying to steal from anitas house. Happu singh says okay and then goes. Vibhu is called. Vibhu goes in.
Vibhu tells baba nothing happened and what should i do? Baba tells feed a black dog a roti and your woman will fall in love with you. Vibhu says okay and tells but he doesnt have money. Baba tells without money nothing will happen. Vibhu says he has 150rs. Baba tells keep it and go. Vibbu keeps it and goes.
At home anita goes and tells anguri that her friend was duped by a baba who told her to hit a stone to her husband, dig marbles and aldo feed a black dog a roti but nothing happened. Anguri says what? Anita says yes but good out husbands are educated and do not believe in this stupidity. Anguri says yes i know.

Precap: vibhu and tiwari are searching for a black dog so that they can feed it roti. They find a black dog. Its some man dressed as a black dog and is chasing tiwari and vibhu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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