Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari at tea stall. Saxena tika and malkhan laugh at him. Saxena tells tiwari that he has become a servant and is doing all house work for anita and he laughs. Saxena then tells tiwari that will you work at my house and for how much money? Tiwari gets up and starts slapping saxena continuously and saxena says i like it. Tika and malkhan laugh. Happu singh comes. He stops saxena and sends him. Tika and malkhan also go. Happu singh sits beside tiwari and tells him is it true that he is a servant? Tiwari says no they are just exaggerating it. He says that actually vibhu came at him begging for is help and so he couldnt say no and so thought of helping anita. He went there but anita gave him all homework to do. Happu singh says oh this it is and then tells its ok lets

do one thing that you sweep the floor and i will wash anitas clothes. Tiwari looks at happu singh.
At home anita is in pain. Vibhu goes and sleeps in the balcony. Anita says to herself that i am in pain and my husband doesnt even care about it. Vibhu says from outside that its not that but he cant help her but he loves her a lot and no person in this world must be loving his wife so much as much i love you. Anita says is this your love? And is this how you behave? She then throws a pillow at him and sleeps.
At home tiwari is sleeping. He is talking in sleep. Tilu who is sleeping on floor gets up and goes on the bed. Tiwari suddenly in sleep hugs tilu and says bhabhiji i love you and says it comtinously. Tiwari then gives tilu a peck on the cheek and tilu gets up and says loudly and tiwari also gets up. Tiwari says why did u come up? Tilu tells tiwari that he said i love you in sleep to bhabhiji and what is this? Tiwaro says nothing he was saying to anguri. Tilu tells dont make me a fool and tiwari says what do u want? Tilu tells let me sleep on the bed and he says dont say anyhing at night or else if i do anything in sleep than we both will not be able to show our faces to the world next day. Tilu sleeps and switches off light. Tiwari gets up and goes in balcony and irks and says all useless people have come in my life. Vibhu sees tiwari and says wy didnt you sleep. Tiwari says he cant. Vibhu tells tiwari please help anita if she asks for. Anita comes hopping out. Vibhu gets up. Tiwari says help her but vibhu runs away. Anita says he ran away. Tiwari tells why did u get up and u should sleep. Anita says her leg is paining a lot so she couldnt sleep. Anita tells tiwari to make coffe for her. Tiwari is shocked but he goes.
Next day tiwari goes at anitas house. Anita tells him please give these 1000 invitations to everyone as my leg is paining and i am having a party at grooming classes so give this to everyone. Tiwari says ok and goes to tea stall. Pandit ji comes. Tiwari telks pandit to save him and go and tell vibhu that whatever problem was there in his and anitas kundli has gone and he can now help her. Pandit says give me 3000 rupees. Tiwari says are you mad and take 100. Pandit says give me 3000 or else i will tell anita about your plans. Tiwari says ok take this and pandit goes.
In evening tiwari says lets c how anita is and goes at her house. At home anita is freely dancing on jalebi song with vibhu. She is dancing as tiaari goes in shocked. Anita and vibhu scream. Tiwari says how are you dancing? Vibhu tells tiwari now you can go we dont need your help. Tiwari says wow these many days you prayed to me for help and now you are insulting me? Anita says to vibhu dont say that and tiwari has actually helped me a lot. Tiwari says thank you. Then tiwari asks how is your leg fine now? Anita says actually this all i was doing was a drama just to test vibhu but you too came in. Tiwari feels sad. Tiwari asks so who passed the test? Anita says vibhu. Tiwari says what he did not even help you. Anita says because he was forced as pandit ji had told him that anita would be more injured. Tiwari says ok and says ok now i will go and he goes.

Precap: vibbu gives sweets to tika and malkhan. Tiwari comes and asks this if for what? Tika and malkhan tell vibhu is going to be a dad. Tiwari slaps both of them. At home anita tell tiwari yes it is true. Tiwari says please can i get water? Anita goes in. Tiwari starts crying.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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