Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update happy neighbours day.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

angoori watering plants, Vibhu walks to her and greets and says it’s neighbours day so greetings,angoori says wish you the same, Vibhu says i promise i will protect you even if its from zombie, Angoori asks whats that, Vibhu explains her.

anita on call with Meenal, Meenal says she likes her diamond necklace,anita says its very unique,tiwari walks in with roses,and wishes her happy neighbours day,and gives roses,anita says thank you and may everyone have neighbours like you and so whats the plan how are we celebrating,tiwari says you say,anita says I think we all neighbours should gather and share our feelings and give away hatred and hug eachother,tiwari says good idea so party at my place and please hate me,anita says i don’t have but,tiwari murmurs so you will hug me,bye.


tilu malkhan wish eachother,tikka says theres party,happu comes talking on phone frustrated,boys wish them,happu shouts on them,and says no one shoudl have neighbours like you guys,boys leave.gupta walks with a scientist,happu asks who is he,gupta says doctor Khurana,and he is a little weird scientist,happu asks what did he invent,khuaran says im genius,i discovered holes in buttons, Gupta says now he has invited solution which when we pour on dead bodies they will turn live, today we will go crematory for that.

at tiwari house in party,anu says me and Angoori would like to share our feelings, neighbours are friends family and secure us,and are very important, Tiwari says these two have explained it so well but it doesn’t suit bad person like vibhu,and insults vibhu,vibhu says if i call tiwari respectful that wouldn’t be fine,because he is disgusting,no one should ever have a neighbour like him and insults him,anu says enough you two,cmon embrace eachother and give away the hatred and celebrate this day,both hug eachother.

gupta and Khurana,in crematory, Gupta digs out a dead body and pours chemical on it.
commissioner says my neighbour is happu and i have lost my peace since he shifted,because of his 9 kids and his wife keeps ringing my door for ingredients she takes it as a restaurant,happu says we are sorry but my neighbour is so good,he is so good,does all the house hold,serves his wife and then goes to gulfamkali, commissioner says if you say a word i will suspend you, happu says no please don’t and let’s hug,both hug each other.

tikka says our neighbour is master he is very good but he disturbs our sleep with his chanting, and its very disturbing. the solution starts working.and body holds Khurana leg and bites him and he turns zombie, Gupta gets scared and runs away.

anita says cmon let’s pledge we all together will fight for each other in trouble
pre cap: prem shows Vibhu that Khurana the zombie is sitting behind him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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