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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with, anguri tells vibhuti that she has given laptop to saxena, vibhuti runs,angori gets a call from amaji, amaji asks her did she watch the movie,anguri says she didn’t see the movie yet the laptop has been spoiled,amaji says mast be tiwari has spoilt it,anguri says yes he did but vibhuti repaired it,amaji says good he did some work and u take care bye.
Saxena is watching something on laptop and vibhuti comes and asks what was he watching,saxena says whatever was I watching I enjoyed it,tiwari comes there and asks what is it show me too, vibhuti doesn’t give him laptop and says he needs it for anitas work,tiwari doesn’t give him laptop and snatches it and takes it away,saxena looks at vibhuti and sings a song,vibhuti slaps him,saxena says I like it and starts

singing song again, vibhuti leaves.
Vibhuti tells anita abt the situation,anita scolds vibhuti,vibhuti says I threw water on it so to repay it I gave laptop,anita says but why did u take their laptop,vibhuti says anguriji requested me to repair the laptop so,anita says u could have given it to an engineer but u,vibhuti says but why u saved the clip,anita says forget all that think how to get the laptop,vibhuti says bhabhiji and ladoo are out and tiwari is alone,anita says good I will keep tiwariji busy and u go take the laptop.
Anita goes to tiwariji,tiwari gets excited and says its so good to see u and I am very pleased to see u, anita says I will have an apple will u plz get it,tiwari says sure and leaves,vibhuti gets in and rushes to tiwaris bedroom,tiwari gets an apple for anita and eats it and says bhabhiji like shabri gave ramji fruit u too have this apple,anita says no thanku u have it by urself,vibhuti stumbles and hearing the voice tiwari abt to go up,anita stops him pretending that she has a cramp and sends him to kitchen to get ointment.
Vibhuti is lost in anguris saree and says I love to see bhabhiji in these sarees and imagines that anguri is in front of her and imagines as if she is singing song for him,and soon realizes that it’s a dream and says god its so intoxicating here, laddo comes home,tiwari asks him where is anguri and why did he leave her alone,ladoo says see bhabhi bought me a new game and I will go play it in bedroom, anita tries to stop ladoo but he goes to bedroom,seeing ladoo vibhuti jumps of the balcony,hearing the voice anita says to herself may be vibhu has got the laptop and anita leaves.
Anita rushes to vibhuti,vibhuti says ladoo came so I jumped off, anaita says u are useless and I will go ask tiwari by myself, vibhuti says cant u do that before,anita says that’s what u are useless and leaves,anita goes to tiwaris house and tiwari says wow bhabhiji u here again I am so pleased,anita says wow tiwariji I like when u praise me and I need ur help my laptop isn’t working so will u plz lend urs,tiwari thinks I have saved bhabhijis photos in laptop and if she sees it she will hate me. Tiwari says bhabhiji ladoos frnd has taken the laptop,anita gets upset and leaves.
Anita goes to vibhuti and tells tiwari didn’t give her the laptop,vibhuti says now don’t blame me,anita sees a saleswomen and gets an idea and says vibhu u disguise as salesman and go to tiwariji and say it’s a scheme new laptop in return of old.
Vibhuti disguses as salesman and goes to tiwaris house,angori opens the door, salesman says I am from software company we make softwares of laptops,angori says I have laptop, salesman says we have scheme u give us old one and we will give u a new laptop, angori says this is good and calls tiwari, tiwari comes and asks who are u,angori says he is here with a scheme for laptop give old one and take new one ,tiwari says ok show us the laptop, salesman says okay give ur old one take a new one, tiwari says no u first show the new one,salesman says ok, tiwari has his laptop in his hand,salesman snatches it and runs away.

Precap:anita asks vibhu to think of some idea to get laptop before ladoo opens the laptop.
Vibhuti goes to tiwaris house and sees laptop on table.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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