Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri getting call from mom. She takes the call and mom and anguri exchange greetings. Mom tells anguri that she is worried as she met the bababji yesterday and he has found a problem in tiwaris kundli. Anguri asks what is it? Mom says that she has been given a solution by baba to tell you to do it. Anguri says what is it and I am ready to do whatever I can for tiwari. Mom tells you have to eve tease some guy from 8 in the night to 12 in the night. Anguri says what and whom should I do it with and I will do it unwillingly if its for tiwari. Mom says yes you have to do it. Anguri says should I do it with vibhuti? As he wont harm me too as he is neighbor only. Mom says yes that’s a good idea.
Next day at frontyard anguri is singing song for god and is doing aarti

of the tulsi plant. Vibhu comes and asks her how she is and says I heard a sweet voice and knew it was you. Anguri says thank you. Then vibhu tells anguri that she is the most sanskari and well-mannered woman he has ever met in life and for that he will do her aarti. Anguri says what? Vibhu says yes and don’t stop him today. Vibhu does anguris aarti and then he says I will touch your feet as you are a great woman. Anguri says what and runs inside. Vibhu says maybe she just blushed, vibhu goes home.
At home anita tells vibhu that she saw him doing anguris aarti and why do u trouble her? Vibhu says no I was doing it genuinely and I respect her because she is such a great well-mannered woman. Anita says okay and says now you have to do my aarti everyday. Vibhu says what? Anita says yes, but not in the day, the aarti which we do at night. Anita goes smiling. Vibhu says she always wants me to do her aarti at night.
At night anguri gets up after tiwari sleep and goes outside her house and she hides behind the wall of vibhus house, she calls mom and tells I am doing it. Mom says yes best of luck. Anguri is ready and she ties a handkerchief to her neck and whistles once. Vibhu in his room says who is whistling and he goes down. Anguri whistles again. Vibhu comes out and says who is whistling? Anguri gets up and says its me darling. Vibhu is in shock and says I never knew you had a wild side. Anguri touches him and says I whistle better on you, vibhu is shocked and thinks in mind that anguri doesn’t suit this way and what is she doing. Vibhu runs away home scared and directly goes and sleeps and is shivering. Anita asks what happened? Vibhu says he is feeling cold, anita says who feels cold in july? She touches him and says he is totally cold and what happened? She then says romantically that come here and I will make you hot, vibhu says no need and sleeps. Anita says he doesn’t need me and goes to washroom.
There anguri is in balcony and she calls vibhu on phone, vibhu sees its anguri but asks who is this? Anguri says its me anguri. Vibhu says which anguri bhabhi. Anguri says your anguri and tells I have fallen here in the lawn and even called tiwari but he did not come as he is sleeping. Vibhu says wait I will come. He goes as anguri is waiting in lawn for him. As he comes anguri gets up and saysi tricked you to come here and hug me. Anguri catches vibhu as he runs everywhere.

Precap: tiwari says to happu singh that take these tika and malkhan as they only eve tease women.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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