Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with saxena saying you are a completely useless and characterless man who does not do his job and takes bribe. Happu gets angry but controls and says only you think that. Saxena says who said? Everybody thinks that. A girl comes again and she smashes cake in happu singh face and goes. Saxena says see I told you everyone thinks same, saxena licks the cake and says I like it and goes. Happu thinks that saxena just see once this civilized week is over I will show you.
At night in tiwaris lawn, the dinner is set. Anita vibhu come. And anguri and Tiwari are there. Vibhu says adaab, Tiwari says pranaam prabhu and says sit down. Vibhu says yes and you too and they al sit. Anita says Tiwari why are you bowing down and sit straight, Tiwari says okay. Anita says I am hungry

now and lets eat, anguri says Tiwari open the box. Tiwari says no devi and our guests will open first. Anita says okay vibhu we will open come on, vibhu says no anita and this will be being out of civilized. Anita says what? I am hungry and open the box. Vibhu says no Tiwari will open and says please open sir. Tiwari says no anguri and once during lord shivs and parvatis marriage, the people themselves ate the food and did not have to be told to eat the food. So let vibhu open the box. Vibhu says no many ages ago taimur lung had gone for dinner and they asked him to open the box but he did not as he was guest and he went like that without dinner. Anita says oh shut up and I am hungry open the box. Vibhu tells Tiwari please come near and can I hold your collar? Tiwari says yes, vibhu holds and shakes him and says open the box. Tiwari says can I hold your shoulders? Vibhu says yes and Tiwari shakes vibhu and tells open the box. Vibhu says can I slap you? Tiwari says before that can I kick you? Vibhu says sure and gets up. Anita says this is terrible and goes home and tells vibhu come right now. Tiwari kicks vibhu and they go. Anguri gets angry and says Tiwari this is impossible and she goes. Tiwari says this time I will win the money.
At night in bedroom, anita tells vibhu that she had to remain hungry because of him and what was that? Vibhu says I was acting civilized and that is a true civilized person. Anita says really? So which means you would not open the box and nor would Tiwari then who would open it? the angels? Vibhu says even the angels coming and opening the box would be arrogant so being civilized is that the box shall never open. Anita says so shall we stay hungry then? Vibhu says no but I have to stay civilized. Anita says shut up and go in kitchen and bring me food. Vibhu says its 12am and going in the kitchen now would be arrogant so sleep and we will have food tomorrow.
At tea stall tika and malkhan are sitting and tika teases a woman. Malkhan hits tika and says it’s the week of being civilized and why did you tease her and that’s arrogant. Tika says then whats civilized? Malkhan says I don’t know and see masterji is coming and lets ask him. They ask masterji and he says you don’t have manners and will never be civilized. Happu singh comes and suddenly a girl comes again and smashes cake and goes. Tika malkhan laugh.
There anguri at night tells Tiwari that she is very angry from what happened at the dinner table. Tiwari says its okay and I acted civilized. Anguri goes away angrily.
Next day at anitas house vibhu and anita are sitting in hall and the laundry man comes with anitas clothes and says check it properly otherwise later you will scold me. Anita checks and sees 2 sarees are torn and she scolds the laundry man. Vibhu says its okay and we should reward him even if he does a mistake as he is also human. Vibhu gives the man 1000rs and says take this. Laundry man is happy and says if you have more saree give me. Anita is angry and the laundry man runs away, anita hits vibhu with a pillow and is fed up.
Next day in kitchen anguri is working when she gets moms call and mom tells her that she wants a grandson now. Anguri blushes and says yes mom. Mom says pandit ramfal said today night is a good time and you should romance and if you do it today then 9 months later you will have good news and I want a grandson now anguri. Anguri says okay mom I will tell Tiwari today.

Precap: anguri tells Tiwari today she will romance so much with him that he will be very happy.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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