Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari sitting in frontyard and telling anguri to bring peanuts and jaggery. Tiwari says that it is amazing to have peanuts with jaggery and feels like extra horsepower. Anguri brings peanuts. Tiwari tells anguri to bring more. She tells he will have gas. He tells ger go bring more. Anguri goes. Tiwari goes and stands at the wall eating nuts. Vibhu is eating bananas and he asks tiwari that whole day he did not see anguri and where is she? Tiwari tells she was at home only. Vibhu says someday take her out and show her the world. Tiwari tells she can do it herself. Vibhu throws the peels on the street. Tiwari also throws nut shells on street. Pandit ji comes and he slips and falls down. Vibhu and tiwari keep looking and eating instead of helping him. Pandit tells why

are u littering the streets and nowadays swacch abhiyaan is going and they are doing this. Tiwari and vibhu tell him stop being a politician and do the work of pandit and if he cares then do it himself. Pandit goes.
Vibhu is sleeping. Anita comes and asks why did you sleep so early at 10 pm and she wakes vibhu up saying he has no right to sleep early at night. Vibhu says what the hell and she is disturbing him. Anita tells so now she is disturbing him? Vibhu says yes. Anita tells before we used to romance till 2 or 3 and now u sleep at 10 and this is not done. Vibhu tells nowadays he is not interested in any work and cant concentrate on any work and he feels bored. Anita says so what he cant deny romance and if he shows this attitude then from next time they wont have romance. Vibhu says anyways he doesnt ask for romance but she does and she keeps whole pressure on his accelerator of car. Anita says get lost and sleeps. Vibhu sleeps without blanket.
In morning at tea stall pandit is talking on phone and telling that person his destiny. After phone saxena tells pandit why does he fool people? Pandit says he does not and what is written in their kundli that only he tells them. Saxena tells then tell him what is there in his kundli? Pandit sees and tells that in his kundli he can see only eagles insects and electric currents. Saxena says i like it. Vibhu comes and asks whats up? Saxena says nothing and he is going to drink insect and eagle soup today. Saxena goes. Vibhu asks pandit look at his kundli too and tell him whats up to in future because he feels bored and fatigued nowadays. Pandit sees and tells a big problem is going to come. Vibhu says then what should he do as a solution to it? Pandit tells work daily. Vibhu says what? Pandit tells wash utensils, washrooms, kitchens and clothes. Vibhu tells he already does this at home. Pandit tells him to do it at everyones house or esle in someday he will be seen on the road eating cow poop. Vibhu says oh my god and says i will do it and when to start. Pandit tells do it for 5 days and start now. The tea stall person looks at vibhu and shows him the utensils. Vibhu goes there to wash them.
At home as anita is dancing for grooming classes she throws a garland behind. Tiwari picks it up and eats a pan and sits looking at her dance. Anita then sees him and stops and tiwari why did she stop and he was enjoying it. Anita says she was not dancing for his enjoyment and she was dancing for grooming classes. Anita tells tiwari to spit the pan out. Tiwari goes and spits it out. Then anita tells him why did he come? Tiwari tells that he has a friend whose wife needs grooming classes as she hits his husband. Anita smiles and says actually that friend needs grooming classes and not his wife. Vibhu comes. He goes in and brings broom and starts sweeping floor and then mops it too. Anita says what is he doing and he has already done it in morning. Tiwari says how did the servanr in him suddenly awaken. Anita looks at him and tells give me that garland and she takes it from tiwari.
At home anita is speaking with old friend pritam. She gets to know that he has a business in america and has a job for vibhu with salary 3000 dollars(around 2 lakh rs.). Anita gets happy and tells him that she will tell vibhu and he will surely do this job and it will be good and she tells thank you to pritam and keeps phone and rejoices.
At anguris kitchen vibhu enters through window and as anguri is watching utensils vibhu says please anguri leave it and says he will do it. Anguri says oh no he cant do it and she will do it. Vibhu says no she will not and he will only do it and vibhu starts doing the utensils and says he cant stay away from helping her because he sees her face everywhere. Then vibhu tells anguri to remove mop and broom as he will come and clean the house too. Anguri says ok and he wants to help so she will go and remove it. Vibhu does the utensils.
At night vibhu comes up and anita tells him she wants to talk to him. Vibhu tells he doesnt have time and he did a lot of work today and he still has to wash the bathroom and then next day also has a lot of work and has to wash saxenas batroom too. Anita says what and why is he doing all this and is he crazy and doing others work? Vibhu says whats wrong in that. Anita tells him that today she got a job offer for him from pritam as general manager in his company with salary 3000 dollars and he has to go to america as he is the topper of chapra university and should do this job. Vibhu says what and he is more worthy and only 3000 dollars is like insulting him as he is a topper from chapra university and will not do that job. Anita looks at him and says what?

Precap: at tea stall vibhu tiwari tika and malkhan are sitting. Tika and malkhan asks that did he do all the work? Vibhu says es he has done everything and will also do laundry afterwards. Tiwari is looking with shockness at vibhu. At kitchen vibhu is helping anguri do the utensils and tiwari comes. Tiwari says what are u doing at my house ? Anguri tells that he is washing utensils and she told him not to still. Tiwari says that when he is there then why is vibhu doing all this?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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