Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari in the bedroom and thinking that yesterday anita went at this time and where is she? Tiwari says to himself that anita has cheated him with someone else and how could she do this? Anguri gets up and tells tiwari what happened my complete man? Tiwari says to anguri that he cant sleep so let him be and go ans sleep quietly ans stop saying this complete man. Anguri gets sad and says from tomorrow she will not do this with him and she sleeps.
At home anita gets up and gets ready and goes down.
Tiwari comes out of balcony and says this time anita came yesterday and where is she? A bike comes with a man. Tiwari sees who is this and he must be that yesterdays man with a car. Anita comes and sits on it and goes. Tiwari irks and says anita cant do this

and she is not that type of woman.
Next day morning tilu comes home as he rings the bell. He gets shocks and then sits in. Anguri comes. Tilu tells anguri why dont you tell tiwari to repair the bell. Tiwari tells tilu to say what happened and dont talk all other stuff. Tilu tells anguri to bring badam milk. Anguri goes. Tilu tells tiwari that yesterday he saw anita with a man dancing in the ganga river water like a fish who has just had diet. Tiwari slaps tilu continuously. Anguri comes and says what happened? Tiwari tells nothing he is just misbehaving. Tiwari gives tilu milk. He drinks and tiwari senda anguri in. He then tells tilu not to tell anyone anything and go.
At vibhu house tiwari goes and asks vibhu that was he sleeping yesterday with anita? Vibhu says ofcourse and what will a married man do? Tiwari says he is actually sleeping and cant see anything what anita is doing. Vibhu asks what do you mean? Tiwari tells he has been seeing anita go with a man since days every night. Vibhu says dont say anything about anita. Tiwari says why will he lie and he has seen her. Vibhu says what and anita cant do that. Tiwari tells 1st time she had taken a bundle of money from a man and danced with him and 2nd time also bathed in ganga with a man. Vibhu says no she cant do this. Tiwari tells tilu told him and it is true. Anita comes. She sits and is having cold and says whats up? Tiwari tells how are you anita bhabhi and have you bathed in ganga? Anita says no and its so cold and why will she do that? Tiwari says ok he just asked. Anita tells vibhu make tea for me with ginger and She goes. Vibhu then cross and says she has got cold and tiwari says dont cry.
At night anita gets up again and changss dress in bathroom. Vibhu gets up and cries as he sees her. Anita goes down. Vibhu calls tiwari in balcony and vibhu also goes. He and tiwari ses anita going in the car. Vibhu tells tiwari on phone that his life is destroyed and anita cant be doing this. Tiwari says its because of him because does not work. Vibhu cries. Anguri comes and tells what happened and then tells tiwari a complete man. Vibhu says hello bhabhiji. Anguri tells him dont you have work to do and ket us sleep and she pulls tiwari in.
At night anita return in the car and vibhu who is sitting in the balcony calls tiwari. They both are in balcony. Anita is drunk and they both cry. Vibhu says anita nsver drinks and why is she doing this. He goss and acts as sleep. Anita comes and changs dress and sleeps. Vibhu cries and sleeps.
Next day tiwari and vibhu are in the auto. They say nothing is right. Vibhu says he cant bear this and anita is cheating me. Tilu comes and says what are you both doing here and i was at your homs for you tiwari. Tilu then says anita has taken kanpur on her head to vibhu. He goes and vibhu cries. Tiwari says hs can help him. Vibhu says how?

Precap: tiwari tells vibhu he will give him 50000 rupees and you do as i say. Vibhu goes at home and tells anita that he got a job at gupta godowns as manager and has advance salary in 50000 rupees. Anita says that awesome and when are you joining? Vibhu says 2 months later.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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