Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anita asks Tiwari why did u sleep in bathroom,anguri says I told u not to eat those channas, Anita says did u dream, Tiwari says yes I did n it is anguri rushing behind Vibhutiji for a kiss,Vibhuti turns around n smiles,anguri says no Norway, Vibhuti says what did u see n why.

Next morning, Anita says Vibhuti u are staying in this room till I’m back from grooming class, Vibhuti says may be this dream won’t take place bcoz bhabhiji is a nice lady, Anita says Vibhu remember I had to jump on tiwaris lap then so it is possible, Vibhuti says I will go at prem Chaudhry place n so no bhabhiji,Anita says no I am locking u here, Vibhuti says baby trust me I won’t go anywhere,Anita says I don’t I’m locking u n locks Vibhuti n leaves, Vibhuti says god why did I

marry her but I’m Vibhuti I will do something n get out.

Vibhuti walks to balcony n sees a man finding something n says sir my snake is lost he is poisonous, Vibhuti says be careful. Anguri gardening, Vibhuti walks to her n says bhabhiji a snake bit me,n u know to cure snake right help me,anguri says ok ok stay here I will help u n abt to touch her lips on Vibhutis cheeks, Tina n Malkha reach there, anguri says look Vibhuti is bitten by snake, Malkha says don’t worry we shall help him n kiss his cheeks to suck the poison, both tikka n Malkha part by part suck blood from Vibhutis cheeks, Pelu joins them too.

Saxena joins n asks what the scene here, anguri tells him, Saxena says wow interesting I was in search of poison n starts sucking blood from Vibhutis cheeks,Vibhuti tries to stop but no one listens, happu Singh comes n asks what rubbishness is going on here, anguri says snake bite,happu Singh separates Saxena n says now is hall help him, Vibhuti says I’m fine let me go,happu Singh says no no it’s dangerous let me help n sucks blood.

Tiwari walks to them n asks what is wrong with all of them,anguri repeats the scene to Tiwari n says oh n starts laughing n says yesterday I saw anguri apwas abt to kiss but it was for snake bite, Vibhuti says u liar, Tiwari says before I could complete my dream u woke me up n so I told what I saw.

Vibhuti Tiwari Anita anguri together at tiwaris house, Anita says no one will sleep n keep an eye of Tiwari, Vibhuti says how abt a tea bhabhiji, anguri says sure, Anita says don’t trouble her, we shd control our sleep n not take help of caffeine,anguri says I’m very sleepy I can sleep quickly in minutes n Tiwari he can sleep anywhere, Vibhuti says yes we saw it yesterday he slept on Commode, Anita says Tiwari speak something,Tiwari starts snoring, anguri sees his eyes are open but, anguri wakes him up,Anita says how could u sleep Tiwari, Vibhuti says did u dream, Tiwari says yes this time 2, Anita says oh no tell us, Tiwari says one is Vibhuti slapped me n other Anita bhabhi ran away with chedi laundry boy, Anita says gosh my standards, Vibhuti says excuse me, Tiwari says if dreams come true.

Vibhuti slaps Tiwari n says ur first dream just happened n my wife won’t run away, Tiwari goes of to sleep again, Anita asks is chedi good looking, Vibhuti says have u lost it. Chedi comes out next Morning on bike,Anita sits behind n leaves, Vibhuti runs behind n says she ran away look, Tiwari n bhabhiji come out plz.

Anguri n Tiwari ask why are u crying Vibhuti,Vibhuti says Anu ran with chedi, Tiwari starts crying too,anguri says why did she do it but, Vibhuti says this is bcoz of Tiwari n his dreams,anguri says clam down, Vibhuti says look at that chedi what made Anita ran away with that donkey,Tiwari says yes I’m better looking than he is, Vibhuti n anguri stare at Tiwari.

Vibhuti drinking playing sad song in background n says Anita I miss u, why did u leave me,is chedi really good looking then me, may be bcoz I’m job less.

Precap : anguri asks who are u, Brett lee says hi I’m Brett lee, anguri says no no I don’t eat bread sorry.
Vibhuti to strike n Brett bowling.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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