Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, anguri asks why did u shout, vibhu thinks how did jeweller sell anitas necklace to tiwari and says bhabhiji don’t show anu this necklace she doesn’t like seeing jewellery she gets very angry hide it, anita comes out finding vibhu, tiwari comes and says anguri show bhabhiji ur necklace, vibhu says i have seen it thats done after all we are one soul, anita says how sweet vibhu anyways lets see the necklace, tiwari says looks like vibhutiji is getting complex, vibhu says yes i am now leave, anita says calm down vibhu and anguriji show me the necklace, anguri shows it, anita says wow its so pretty how much did it cost, tiwari says 1 lakh, anita says anguriji i have same necklace my mom gave it as wedding gift, vibhu go get it lets show anguriji, vibhuti says i will

now lets go.
Vibhuti at tea stall thinking abt the necklace, saxena joins him, vibhuti says hello how are u, saxena says i am fine how are u, vibhuti says i am good too and u are very spiritual and intelligent person, saxena says be clear what u want, vibhu says i want 70000, saxena says what why, vibhu tells him the reason, saxena says i told u not to do so, tiwari says u shd be ashamed of urself vibhutiji, how can u do this to bhabhiji and i will tell her the truth now,Vibhuti stops tiwari and says tat he cant tell this to anita and tiwari says tat i want to tell her and then vibhuti tells tat the gift tat u bought for anguri bhabhi is anitas necklace and saxena and tiwari shouts in shock , vibhu says how did the jeweller sell that to u, tiwari says do one thing give me 1 lakh and take the necklace, vibhu says i cant bhabhiji will be heart broken, tiwari says so will be anita bhabhi, tiwari says i got an idea listen, and shares idea in vibhus ears.
Anguri watching movie on laptop, tiwari thinks anguri is still awake, i have called vibhutiji by 12, and says anguri sweet heart go to bed, its to late, anguri says u sleep i am watching sholay, tiwari says anguri sleep now its very late and why are u still wearing necklace, anguri says its so pretty i couldn’t get it off, tiwari says it may get damaged keep it, anguri says ok and keeps it in cupboard, tiwari switches off the light, anguri says i am not sleepy yet, tiwari says i will sing for u, tiwari goes off to sleep to, vibhu enters and says idiot tiwariji called me and went off to sleep now i have to find keys on my own, vibhu sees keys in anguris hand, he walks to her slowly and looks at angry and says she is just like an angel, i cant touch her but, he slowly takes off the keys, he opens the cupboard and takes necklace, anguri gets up and puts on tthe lights and runs behind him, tilla catches vibhuti and anguri hets vibhu and anguri says this theif was trying to steal my necklace, anita comes and says i will call police, tiwari says no don’t he must be in some problem so let it be,tilla removes scarf and all see its vibhuti, angurii says why did u do this vibhutiji, anita says vibhu what all is this, vibhu says tiwariji gave me this idea.
Anguri says why did u do this, tiwariji says vibhutiji now speak the truth or else, anita says vibhu speak,tiwari says yes vibhutiji tell her the truth, vibhu tells her the truth, and so he was robbing the necklace,tiwari says i allowed him to rob just for u bhabhiji, vibhu says anu i am sorry and i will leave the house don’t worry, anita stay here i am angry abt shares thing but tell me one thing how did u sell 700 necklace at 70000, vibhu says what is it, anguri says and laddu bhaiya bought this 700 necklace for a lakh,tiwari faints.
Next day, anguri singing while watering plants, and purs water on vibhu by mistake, and says oh hi how are u and did u read the news, vibhu says yes i did and now together we will read, vibhu reads the news, and says theres a guy who comes hits people and go away, anguri says yes even i have seen on tv, appu singh comes all banded, vibhu and anguri looks at him surprised,vibhu says what is this did u read the news appu singhji, appu singh says yes i did infact that guy called tisri adalat hit me yesterday, anguri says does that mean u harass ur wife, appu singh says yes actually it was a trap but i got caught in it and leaves.

On news abt tisri adalat, anita says wow he is a super hero i wish i meet him, tiwari says now see what tiwari does.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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