Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anita says uncle have some tea,uncle says is he really your brother in law,Anita says yes Chandu is really nice person,Vibhuti as Chandu says uncle I’m so sorry,uncle says the way you behaved with me at tea stall is a good thing for me,I’m looking for a groom for Pinky,she was married twice to nice guys but she made hell out of them and so I decided to find a bad guy for her,and I found one.

Anita tells the situation to Tiwari and anguri,Tiwari starts laughing,Anita says stop it, its a serious matter,anguri says why don’t you tell him the truth,Anita says it’s all because of Vibhu,Vibhuti says give me a break,I didn’t know he was your uncle,Anita says he is man with weak heart and I’m here successful all because of him,I can’t tell him the

truth,Tiwari says you have one option accept the wedding proposal and starts laughing,Vibhuti says keep your stupid ideas to yourself,Anita says yes keep quite.

Anguri says I have an idea,you tell your uncle that Vibhuti has an girlfriend and he shall marry only her,Anita says brilliant idea,Tiwari asks but who shall play her girlfriend,how about Gulfamkali,Vibhuti says no ways she will spoil everything,Anita says right she has to be innocent like uncle has to melt for her,Vibhuti says only anguri bhabhi has that face,Tiwari says what she will be your girlfriend,Anita says good idea,Tiwari says what If your uncle asks anguri and Vibhuti to marry,anguri says we should help them,Anita says yes I will take care of other things,Vibhuti very excited.

Uncle on call with Pinky says I have found a groom for you a bad guy,anguri dressed as innocent girl with a doll walks in balcony and Vibhuti following her,says bhabhiji you are looking very pretty,anguri says oh thank you,Vibhuti says come let me love,I mean act as if in love,anguri says I’m so nervous,Vibhuti says it’s just an act don’t be nervous act as if you love me a lot but I don’t have to because I’m always like this,anguri says I never get you,Vibhuti says you go I shall follow.

Angrui in balcony singing,Chandu ( Vibhuti) walks to her,anguri says I love you Chandu,I can’t live without you,Chandu says neither do I,anguri says but I heard some fat guy wants his daughter to marry you and you can’t Marry anyone else or I shall kill my self,Chandu says I shall kill uncle but not you,Chandu says go in I shall catch you soon,anguri walks inside room and says come soon it’s dark here,Vibhuti says oh she is too much into character and walks.

Anita says hello uncle here’s coffee,uncle says your Chandu what is he doing there,Anita says oh he has new girlfriends everyday,uncle says yes I’m so happy he is just like pinky.

Anguri walks to Tiwari in bedroom,Tiwari says anguri darling you look so pretty in this dress,angrui says I miss my childhood, let me go change,Tiwari says no stay in it, the last time I saw you in it was before wedding,when you were with in river and a buffalo had hit me,anyways I feel so romantic, come close to me,angrui says I’m so shy,Vibhuti in window says I’m sorry to disturb,both get scared,Tiwari says what’s wrong with you,Vibhuti says I need bhabhiji for the act,uncle has a doubt on us, so I need bhabhiji,Tiwari says it’s too late I shall not allow,Vibhuti acts as if in pain and says if we don’t uncle shall separate me and Anu,anguri says I shall come good night Tiwari and leaves.

Vibhuti and anguri in balcony,Vibhuti says anguri shall we,anguri says where is uncle,Vibhuti says he must be nearby shall we act,anguri says sure,pelu plays music,Vibhuti starts dancing and anguri joins him,Saxena sees them dance and says I don’t like it,and shouts stop it,and asks what are you doing you are cheating on my bhabhi ma,and anguri bhabhi he is a bad person but you, I didn’t expect this from you, Vibhuti slaps him and says don’t talk shit,Saxena says I’m not and starts hitting Vibhuti,and says I don’t like it and leaves,anguri says shall we start romance,Vibhuti gets up and says sure.

Tiwari says congratulations Vibhuti,Vibhuti says stop it,I don’t like this,Tiwari says people marry thrice you can atleast twice ,and wispers you deal with new one and I shall bhabhiji.vibhuti says I don’t want to marry,Tiwari says you don’t have option,Anita and uncle join them,Anita says uncle this Chandu is not good for Pinky,uncle says I want a bad guy,so he is the right guy,Tiwari says you are correct.

Pre cap : anguri says uncle he can’t marry your daughter I’m pregnant with chandus child,Saxena hears this and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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