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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita talking with a friend. Anita says yes she misses the old college days and wants to go back to those days. Vibhu comes. She keeps the phone and tells him she is missing the college days and they both have to revive them and she wants to go back. Vibhu tells how can she go back and it is past. Few girls are walking and they call vibhu and anita uncle and aunty and go. Anita says see we have become so old and we should do something. Vibhu says what will they do? Anita tells vibhu take money from cupboard and bring college clothes and dress like that old dashing vibhu on whom all girls flirted with. Anita tells him be that guy or else dont come home. Vibhu goes.
At home anita is sitting. Tiwari comes. He sits. Anita says tiwari ji arent you bored os seeing

your own same face everyday in the school? Tiwari says what do u mean? Anita says how dod u see your same face with oil on hair and that typical south indian hero look with a moustache? Anita tells doesnt he fele like going back to school days? Tiwari is puzzled. Anita tells you should have a change and revive your old memories. Tiwari says ok and goes.
At tea stall everyone is sitting and saxena says to malkhan that i can be a good teacher if u plan to opem a school. Tiwari is there too. Vibhu comes dressed as a college guy and sits on the table. Everyone look at him. Tiwari asks what is this? Vibhu says unlce shut up and i am a student and going to go to college. Vibhu gets up and goes. He walks to his house in style. Anita is dressed as college girl too standing for a bus with a book. Anita says there is no bus and she will have to wait today. Vibhu cones and asks where do u want to go and lets go together. Anita says no thanks id ont speak to strangers. Vibhu says oh well lets be friends and go to college as we both are in the same batch. Anita tells ok. Then they come back to normal. Anita says good acting vibhu and she goes in. Vibhu is annoyed and says what stupidity he is doing.
There tiwari is in school dress and is not able to wear a tie. He calls tilu to help. Tilu asks what is this? Tiwari tells i joined school and will go from now. Tilu says oh and may the school be saved from you. Tiwari looks angrily and then tells tilu to help him in tying the tie. Tilu says ok and is wearing it to tiwari. Then tilu presses the tie and it chokes tiwarid neck. Tiwari says what are you doing? Tilu says choking you. Tiwari slaps him and says shut up and go work. Tiwari goes dressed as student.
Saxena has set up a school on the street and everyone is sitting and saying prayer. Malkhan asks what do you mean by this? Saxena tells the meaning but malkhan says no its wrong. Saxena hits both tika and malkhan with stick and tells them they both are donkeys and he is there as teacher to make them humans. Tiwari comes. Saxena says why are you late and hits tiwari. Tiwari tells the water was slow so he couldnt refresh faster. Saxena hits him and tells him to be a chicken. There vibhu and anita come dressed as student of college. They both see tiwari. Tiwari smiles and gets up and tells anita that she told him to go to school so he came here. Anita tells uncle please dont call me bhabhiji and let me go study and you go away with your oily hair. Tika and malkhan laugh. Saxena says i like it.

Precap: tiwari is in balcony and anita and vibhu are dancing in the rain on a song in college clothes as tika and malkhan watch them from auto.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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