Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update Prem behind Manju Bua’s letters

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu scolds Vibhu for flying kites with Angoori,even after promising, Vibhu says she made me,Anu says dont give me that excuse you arent a kid that she forced you,Vibhu starts laughing,Anu asks whats so funny, you will never understand things and where have you lost your humanity, Vibhu says you are scolding more than my mom,Anu says you deserve it,Vibhu says do whatever you can you deserve it.

Angoori writes note on kite,Vibhu helping her, Vibhu asks Bua to reply asap, Anu and Tiwari again see Angoori and Vubhu flying kite,Tiwrai says bhabhiji look stop them or else poor birds, Anu says baby stop it,Vibhu says its matter of my life I won’t stop, Tiwari gets a rope and ties to rope and says we will throw it on their manjha and ruin their game,Tiwaris attempts keep failing,

Angoori scolds and says Vibhu shall die stop it,Anu asks what, Angoori says I’m doing this to save him and explains the whole scene,Vibhu says bhabhiji why,didnt bua say not to tell anyone or even you will be in danger,prem comes laughing and says I wrote those letters in her name, your kite came to my terrace and so i wrote those,Anu asks why this but,Prem says for revenge he ruined my favourite kite,Vibhu says im not dying, Anu says vibhu you believed in superstition,Vibhu says i agree it was my fault not even flying kites and harming birds.

Gulfamkali performing for uncle Micheal,mamaji walks to their,all get scared,tilu asks from what coffin you came, Malkhan touches him and says he is alive,mamaji says i am and so is john,mamaji says i am watchman here and he is my nephew keeps acting, I hope he didnt bother you.

Vibhu gets coffee fir Anu and him and says im going Agra fir seminar and so why dont you accompany me,Vibhu says i can’t stay away,Anu asks who from i will be with you,Vibhu says this hosue im so attached, and if you going shall i call mummy,Anu says no ways,she messes my whole house, Vibhu says stop over exgagirating, and im missing mummy a lot,Anu says so sweet lets call my ma, Vibhu says you are right i am over reacting.

Angoori gets emotional watching a movie,Amma calls her and asks what’s wrong,Angoori says movie,Amma says me too and both share their feelings and cry, Vibhu hears Angoori talk about serving old parents, amma says pandit Rampal says if angoori serves someone old she will gain blessings,Angoori says you come here,Amma says oh c’mon im not old,hald of colony is still mad behind me, Angoori says ok i shall find someone else then,Vibhu hears that and gets an idea

Hapu walks to a baba and asks him to take ofd from here and not set an illegal shop,baba starts laughing,hapu asks what wrong,he says take this medicine have it and you will be full of strength and your night will be all good, Hapu says i will see that now leave from here.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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