Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update:

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amaji and laddo comes to see Anguri,Anguri very happy to see them and asks laddoo why has he tanned,Amaji says always playing out,Anguri says why is that,laddoo says I use to get bored so,Amaji says then you should have visited Pandit ramphal he would have taught you good things,laddo says keep me away from me,and bhabhi ma bye I’m going to see my friend and leaves.

Amaji says I did show your and Tiwari kundali to Pandit ramphal is his business in loss,Anguri says yes and he is in tension too,Amaji says yes for that you have to get and foreigner and serve them and then his business will boost and will get riders from foreigns as well,Anguri says yes I will but where will I find foreigner,Amaji says you will find many,Anguri says ok,Amaji says but remember you shouldn’t

share this info with anyone.

Vibhu on call with his mom says no I don’t want to go America,mummy says even I will come,Vibhu says I called you up for idea but look at you now bye,a kabadi walks in,Vibhu asks who are you,he says I’m here to buy furniture,Anita says I will take 10000 for this,he denies and bargains,Vibhu says get out,Anita asks what’s the issue,what will the furniture do when We are gone,Vibhu says we aren’t.

Tikka and malkhan walk in and says we heard you selling furniture, and start emotional drama,give us some furniture please,Anita says okay take this table,Tikka says thank you,Tilu walk in help us,Tilu walks in and all three take away the table.
Vibhu says I beg of you don’t do this,I will work hard,I will earn one lakh a month,Anita says Great if you do this I will drop the idea and leaves.

Tiwari at tea stall says what will i do when bhabhiji will go away,her beauty how will I live without it,her hair her smile her colour her eyes,how will i,Vibhu walks in and says the man who always insulted you,who called you down market is here to beg you,Tiwari gives him a penny,Vibhu asks what’s this,Tiwari says you begged so,Vibhu says the thing is I need a lakh to open a garage and earn a lakh from it and if I do that Anu will cancel her plans for America,Tiwari gets excited and says that’s Great I will help you and why one I will give you two lakhs,Vibhu say sthank you but why are you doing this for me,Because I love bhabhiji I mean I love you,Vibhu says you are doing so much for me,and both hug each other,Vibhu says thank you so much,Tiwari kisses him.

Anguri singing and gardening plants,she sees a man in go,den hair and asks are you English,he says yes,Anguri says I’m so happy, how can I help you,he says get me an English alcohol,Anguri says oh but I don’t touch alcohol,he says then give me 500₹ note okay give me 1000₹, I will get it on my own,Anguri says okay and Baljit to give,Anita walks and asks what are you doing,Anguri says he is English so,Anita says no he isn’t and are you English,he says no my hair is just golden,Anita says he is a beggar give the money back,you shameless man go work,anguriji don’t fall for all this.

Vibhu and Tiwari at a garage,Tiwari says this is your garage,owner says it’s just on rent 50000 rent a month,Vibhu says that’s costly,Tiwari says forget that just call bhabhiji and show her this,Vibhu says I love you I will die without you,Tiwari thinks this is all for bhabhiji,and says I love you too and both fake emotions for each other and hug each other and Tiwari kisses again,owner says god these people,a man comes and asks for car,owner says he works here now ask him for it and leaves,man says to Vibhu its urgent please be quick and leaves,Vibhu says oh he was so polite it will be fun,Tiwari says first go inform bhabhiji.

Vibhu walks to Anita,Anita says you in jumpsuit and Greece what is this,Vibhu says I’m working hard I opened a garage,mark enters Anita goes and hugs him,Anita says Vibhu say hi,and says mark surprise visit,very smart,he says now we will go America together and who is this colourful man,Anita says he is Vibhu my husband,mark says you mean jobless,Vibhu says how dare you,mark says our whole family and whole world calls you that,in fact we all cousins call you jobless jijaji,Anita says cute nickname,mark says don’t worry but I have a security guard job for you in America.

Anita says wow what a prestigious job in America,Vibhu says excuse me I love my country,and leaves. At night Anu visits Vibhu in garage,Vibhu says I mended 10 cars a day and I’m enjoying it,Anu says I know it’s just for now,Vibhu says it’s just fate,Anita says I know it’s a lame excuse,You don’t want to go because you won’t have this prem tikka malkhan who spoil you and now come let’s go we are going America that’s final,Vibhu says then listen to my final decision I’m not coming.

Pre cap : Anguri and Vibhu dancing in garage. Tiwari and Vibhu ask Gulfamkali to charm mark and make him fall for her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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