Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu coming home after being chased by a man. He comes home and closes the door. Vibhu tells anita sitting on the sofa that baby I need some money, anita asks why? Vibhu tells that actually he njeeds a lot money as he had taken loan from a guy to gamble and now that man is behind him and will bash him if he doesn’t give the money. Anita says what and I will not give you any money as I don’t have anything and even if I had any money I wouldn’t give it to you for this cheap business. Vibhu listens the man is banging the door, he tells anita please stall him, vibhu runs from window. Anita opens the door and tells that vibhu is not at home, man says your husband is a cheat and I will not leave him as he has my money. Man goes.
There vibhu goes running and

crashes into saxena. Saxena says what are you doing and I am going, vibhu says sorry and says what is this big bag for? Saxena tells that I have written a play and I am going for that, saxena says I will tell you the story, vibhu says tell. Saxena tells that a man owes someone loan and as the owner runs behind him he turns himself disguised into his father. Vibhu says what and thanks for that story.
There later Tiwari knocks the door of vibhus house, after a few moments an old man opens the door, its actually vibhu and he asks Tiwari who are you? Tiwari says I am their neighbor and vibhu says okay come in but you are rude and cant you wait as I was coming to open the door. Anita comes and welcomes Tiwari, vibhu says he is vibhutis father. Tiwari says okay, vibhu hugs anita and says I feel better, then he says you are rude Tiwari and anita says I will bring tea. Vibhu sits down, Tiwari think which father hugs his daughter in law so many times. Vibhu asks how is bhabhiji? Tiwari says who? Vibhu says your wife? Tiwari says don’t call her Bhabhi and she is of your daughters age. Vibhu says I call every woman in this world as Bhabhi. Tiwari says what an odd man and he gets up and goes. Anita comes and says where is Tiwari, vibhu says he went leave him, anita says you were overacting and who hugs so many tmes. Vibhu says I was in character. The man comes, he says where is vibhu, vibhu says what happened and I am his father, man says your son is very shameless and the worst creep I have met in my life and he is a leech. Vibhu says don’t call him that, man says when he comes tell me as he owes me a lot of money and I wont leave him. Man goes.
Vibhu dressed as dad goes to anguris kitchen window and says hello. Anguri says who are you? He says I am vibhus dad, anguri says oh Namaste and anita told me about you that you ran away with some jamnakote wali. Vibhu says forget that and call me sweetu as the women who have called me sweetu their husband loves them more. Anguri says that’s nice and calls him sweetu, vibhu calls her meetu, she calls him sweetu, Tiwari comes and says what kind of conversation is this? Anguri tells him that hetold that if I call him sweetu then my husband will love me more, Tiwari says that’s stupid, vibhu says I will go and gives hi fi to anguri. Anguri calls him sweetu and vibhu goes. Tiwari says shut up.
At night vibhu talks with prem on phone and tells that I have no respect in this city and that man came and said vibhu is a leech and from where was he born? Vibhu says anyway bye and I will sort something out. Anita comes and says lets romance in this get up. Vibhu says what and I cant and how can u romance with your father In law? Anita says you aren’t and its just a get up, vibhu says still. Anita says lets romance as you look more handsome than everyday. She blackmails him, vibhu says okay.
There Tiwari at home says what a good chance it was and I thought vibhu has gone and anita will be alone so I will go and give her support but from where did this vibhus dad come and I and anitas love is always interrupted. Anguri comes and says to Tiwari that I am feeling love on you. Tiwari says then before you weren’t in love with me? Anguri says I was but everyday I start loving you more and today I want to romance with you more, and lets romance. Tiwari says just shut up and sleep and don’t keep these tantrums. Anguri is angry and sleeps. tiwari thinks what a trouble i am having and there that old man is a prick and here anguri is demanding what not.

Precap: vibhu calls anguri Bhabhi and Tiwari says you dare call her Bhabhi and why do u call anita Bhabhi? Vibhu says because vibhuti is like a friend to me. Anita is romancing on a song with old man vibhu. Tiwari sees from balcony and thinks I never thought anita would be such a woman.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    I really love this comedy show. It has me in fits of laughter and the acting of the characters are flawless. Best show since Dad’s Army, keep up the good work, and my thanks to all that work to produce such a entertaining and funny show.

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